Thursday, April 07, 2011

Just FYI

In case you notice some strange posts, I'm trying to learn how to use my Droid to blog.

I'm TRYING to get it to upload the RIGHT pictures from the CORRECT albums ... but, well, gorramit it, it doesn't want to work.

I got bored and did mah hairz. Then I had to add the eyeliner to match. And THEN I worked VERY HARD to get pics that weren't blurry and that didn't make my face look chubby. (Shut up. I can think that there are times when I look a bit more photogenic than others. And, when it looks like I have a double chin up to my cheekbones, that's NOT going to make me think it's a flattering picture. *sigh* ... I have issues. I know.)

SO ... just bear with me. I'm really trying to get it figured out.

And, yeah, don't tell all the ladies at church that I'm having such difficulties. For some reason, I seem to have gotten a reputation as a bit of an internet/facebook maven. ... Probably because I'm always at the computer. :S

Now, I have Niska quotes about "reputation, Malcom Reynolds" running through my brain.

NISKA:Yes, good, you have a reputation. You do the job, no complications, that's what.
Malcolm Reynolds gets it done, is the talk.

MAL:Well I'm glad to hear that.

NISKA: Do you know what a reputation is?
It's people talking, gossip, it's not... to hold, touch it, you can't. Not from gossip.
Now I also have reputation, not so pleasant, I think you know. 

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