Sunday, April 24, 2011

I came, I shopped, I conquered ...

Well, I did a pretty good job.

I spent my Borders Bucks AND got an awesome 20% off ENTIRE PURCHASE coupon (and with the extra 10% off purchases with the upgraded Borders Rewards card) ... I got awesome deals. I ended up spending just under $30 ... and saving $40. I love it when I can do this.

Later, we went to Old Navy, since they had a special (polo shirts = $6 ea.) ... They also had a sale on their clearance bottoms ... all those were $6 (or under), too! ... So I bought a pair of slacks-type pants, a pair of athletic/yoga-esque pants, and ... a pair of skinny jeans. Yeah ... now, I just need the hipster glasses. And some more scarves. And shirts with stripes ....
(But, really? I am kinda in love with my new jeans. And for only $6??)

Yesterday, the pollen count was insanely high. Darn that birch pollen!! One of my sisters-in-law and I had to get some Benadryl from my other sister-in-law. After that kicked in, life was much better (read: less snotting. PHEW.)

But I got to meet my newest niece. I still haven't held her yet. But she's a cutie.
Kinda reminds me how Bucket looked as a baby ... and we all know how lovely my daughter is. ^_^
(Of course, there are likenesses to little C's parents, instead of Michael and me ... But she's from good stock on both sides.)

Okay, I HAVE to stop blogging and watch (what's left of) Kung Fu Panda (also just $7 at Target! Woot!!) with Bucket before she disowns me.

Counting ...

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