Sunday, April 24, 2011

Birthday Backlog ...

Okay ... so I've now had some time to get used to the idea that I'm now ... THIRTY.

It's rather a milestone. I mean, sure it's the oldest I've ever been ... but it sounds so ... final, you know?
Maybe it's just me.

But, truly? I don't feel any different.

Let's see....

Mom got me clothes (shirts and a skirt that arrived the other day). She also took the kids out and got me a DVD holder/shelf/thing that I put together and stuffed the rest of the kids' DVDs into. It's nice to have around 200 DVDs out of the Entertainment center into a shelf/thing so they can SEE what shows they have.

Mom and Dad Cox gave me a gift card to Barnes and Nobles. (Need to use that ... since you all are aware of my addiction. ^_^ Not denying it.)

Nana and Grampy both sent me checks (which I FINALLY cashed) ... and have spent ... on books and at Bath and Body Works (Cherry Vanilla and Country Chic, in case you wondered).

Julie gave me money. And she and I had gotten our nails done together.
(I just removed my pedicure polish a couple days ago. My toes are now Revlon "Opulent Pink"... bought on a Kmart clearance. Since that's how I roll. ... I've done two different manicures to myself this last week. Now, my nails are also Opulent Pink ... except my ring fingers are FingerPaints "Key to My Art" [gold].)

My Visiting Teacher brought me flowers. My RS president left a gift bag -- water bottle, gloves, and Alyssum  seeds.

Dad and L gave me money ... which I've spent. Nail polish, fast food, lotion and body spray at Victoria's Secret, various bits.

Bri and I are going to get together and work some magic on my hair. Sometime.

But, really, I'm quite spoiled.
We got up Saturday morning (Michael got to sleep in, after his HUGE TEST).
We got ready and headed over to the Verizon store (my Droid was being ... problematic. Had to reset it. And I spent most of the rest of the day, in the car, reloading all my apps as Michael drove).
Then we headed to Eugene, dropped off books at Michael's work (since he had borrowed them for the test), and headed to a couple malls. We walked around 5th Street Market ... I saw lots of stuff I'd like in the kitchen store. Of course, we looked at The Elephant's Trunk (toy store).
Then we went to the Valley River Mall ... free samples at See's (the pineapple cream??? YUM!), bought a package of Little Pops (easier for sharing with the kiddos) ... and walked around. (And I popped into VS and bought some [HIGHLY DISCOUNTED, since that's how I roll] lotion and body spray ... Island Escape, so it's "beachy coconut and sugarcane" ... a nice, yummy, summery smell. And, yeah, 75% off. LOVE IT.)

After we got home (and ate Wendy's bacon-cheeseburgers), we watched a DVD from Netflix and relaxed. Then, around 6, we went to Novak's for dinner. Yum!

After dinner (we were too full to FINISH dinner, let alone think about dessert. Such a travesty! :P), we headed over to Target. ... I got two set of Lego Harry Potter -- The Quidditch Match and Dobby's Freedom (complete with Luscious Malfoy.) ... Now, I just REALLY NEED (shut up, it is a need) Diagon Alley (WEASLEY TWINS!!), The Burrow (ARTHUR AND MOLLY WEASLEY! BELLATRIX!), and The Hogwarts Express (RON!!) ... Though, I might kinda need Hargrid's Hut ... since we have the older Hagrid, so he looks jaundiced next to the other Professors.  Just sayin'.

And, YES, the kiddos are VERY. PUT. OUT. that Mommy doesn't let them play with HER Legos.
I have them over the TV, so everyone can LOOK at them. But, no, they don't get to play with them.
I'm mean. I'm perfectly aware. And they kids have gotten used to it. ^_^

But, yes, I had a good birthday. 15 days ago. A good birthday, indeed.

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