Saturday, April 02, 2011

In other news ...

Did I tell you ...?

The other night I had such a weird dream.

I was sitting at a round table in a beige room. Kurt Hummell (from GLEE) was at the next table.

We kissed. (I was a younger, more fashionable version of myself ... since this was a dream. Seriously, I was cleaning out my dream-self's closet. *sigh*)

I turned him straight.

.... So strange.

Although, really, I do love me some Kurt. He's so sweet. I just want to hug him. And bask in his awesomeness.
(Watching him get bullied? I was rather irate. As a teacher, if you KNOW something's happening and don't stop it? You can get in serious trouble. So Mr. Schuster and a few other teachers would have had some serious disciplinary action. Or maybe have gotten fired. Just sayin'. ... But I had to tell myself  "Suspension of disbelief, suspension of disbelief ..." Just like I had to in House, when that one detective was harassing House and Cuddy. Because that shouldn't have happened like that. Cuddy'd have gone to his superior and gotten him reprimanded. I mean, REALLY.)

(Still, it doesn't explain my dream. At all.)

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