Sunday, February 14, 2010

Last week ...

Since, wow, it HAS been a week since I last posted. I'm really sorry.

So, what all has happened?
  • We got a new presidency member (over the Beehives) in Young Women's.
  • I cleaned the house.
  • I read some books -- Didn't like one. It was a compilation of romance short stories.
    EVERY SINGLE ONE had premarital sex. I guess I'm a prude (if you know me, you'd laugh yourself silly about that statement), but really ... when I'm reading a ROMANCE novel, I'm expecting ROMANCE .... that build-up. If I wanted to read a SEX NOVEL, I'd just go read some erotica (Oh, wow. NOW I'm going to get some INTERESTING folks checking out my blog. Hoo boy. *shifty eyes*)
  • The kids had a play date while I had a meeting for YW. Good times. Except that a CERTAIN CHILD had a potty accident. On my friend's couch. Her pretty, pretty couch. I was embarassed. But I had extra clothes for said child in the van, so I didn't have to cut our meeting or the play date short. Phew!
  • Mom and Ju came up for Ju's birthday. I made a chocolate moouse mouse moose TRUFFLE-LIKE cake/pie/thing. And it was really good. Since my mom's on her diet, she didn't get to try it. So I'll make it again next month. It was actually pretty easy to make. Always a plus. ^_^
  • Bucket had her last class of ballet for this session. Next week, she'll be in hip-hop for about a month.
  • I took my first class to teach me what I'll need to know to pass the Tech-level test to be an amateur Radio user. I really know nothing about it, if you ask me. But I can answer some questions about it. I take lots of notes, but I have NO IDEA about how to use a transmitter or off-sets or stuff. Maybe we'll cover that next week. Or, once I get the book, I'll be able to figure it out. ^_^
    Why am I taking this class? Well ... it kinda sounded cool. And it's on Wednesdays, when Michael's out on visits for Elder's Quorum (since he's first counselor) ... so HE can't take the class. But, my Mom watches Bruise and Bucket for us, so I am doing it. ... And, hey, in case of an emergency, it'll be nice to be ABLE to help out, to know what to do and how to do it. Now we'll just have to get a radio sometime, I suppose. Maybe two, so (once Michael takes the test) we can chat as he's driving or something.
  • I volunteered at the library. I had plenty of holds to shelve, so I didn't bring home another HUGE pile of books to get through.
  • Yesterday, Mom and Dad C came and took the kids. So Michael and I had a date. We went to a couple used bookshops and saw Avatar in 3-D (kept our glasses. I'm hoping that they'll work with our DVD of Coraline. ^_^) and then we ate at Baha Fresh. Yum.
  • I've come down with a cold. Just a snuffy nose that's driving me MAD. So, after we watched a couple DVDs at home, I took a couple snorts of Afrin (nasal decongestant spray) and a shot of NyQuil. I was so, so out of it after that. I went to lay down while Michael waited up for the kids to get dropped off back at home. I didn't even wake up when he got into bed. Yup ... Probably a good thing that I don't drink alcohol. If a slug of NyQuil puts me right out like that, I'd be a VERY cheap date.
Today, when I FINALLY woke up, I made breakfast for the kids. I was a nice mommy and made them egg in a hole ... but the hole was a heart (link takes you to Pioneer Woman's cooking site). Easy peasy, really. Just take your bread, press out a piece, toss it into a buttered hot pan to toast and fill the hole with an egg and cook till that egg is done. I even flipped them over, since I have a crazy fear of somehow giving MAH BAYBEES Samonella. They are so easy to make that I even made MYSELF breakfast. And I barely ever eat breakfast, since once I've whipped up something for the kids, I'm usually too lazy and not all that hungry enough to justify making something for myself.

And then I got the kids (and myself) dressed (but I didn't get a shower, since I was running low on time ... so I made sure to put on make-up and a goodly spritz of body mist) and hustled us out to the car. And we went to church.

Where Michael was FINALLY released as Executive Secretary. So now he's JUST the first counselor in Elders' Quorum. Phew!!
Seriously, we had been waiting for him to be released for a month! I was seriously THISCLOSE to emailing our Stake Presidency to ask if they'd just plumb forgotten about his having two big callings in our ward.
(Hey, I try and be supportive. But when there are weeks where he's in meetings Sunday morning AND a couple weeknights? Well, I get a little antsy. I like having my bestie here with me. Come on, I'm not going to let the kids stay up THAT late to watch and snark at DVDs. Besides, the kiddos don't sit still enough and let me concentrate enough to watch anything! ... Or really, to even read anything by myself. But I love them regardless.)

So, yeah. That's really the big news. Michael's not the Exec. Secretary anymore.
And I have a cold. Like, I'm sneezing a lot. So it could be allergies, I s'pose. But I normally don't get allergies acting up until it's REALLY Spring.

Maybe the groundhog LIED?

I've never trusted him. With that crazy first name and his beady, little eyes.

But that is entirely a whole 'nother story.

Okay. I think that's about it.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds just like I told you things went with Joseph... Had both the Exec Sec and first councilor in EQ callings for over a month until they released him and then onto EQ pres a month or two later..... hahaha sounds way too familiar to me ;)

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