Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some closure ...

You're right if you think that, with a title like this, this post won't be the happiest.

For some long-time readers, you might recall how, around two years ago, my best friend's brother disappeared and was (finally) found murdered?

The case is finally as over as it's going to be for some time. Both Austin Clark (who hit Kevin in the head with an axe) and Charley Carnes (who... slit Kevin's throat) have been sentenced.

Yes, there is some talk of appeals ... but ... yeah. I don't know that they'll amount to a whole lot.

It still isn't fair. It still isn't right.

Just two years ago, Kim (Kevin's and Mer's mom) was so different. I was shocked when I saw her at the funeral. Her hair was all white, instead of the brunette it used to be.
Their dad, Don ... he's so changed, too. At times, I can get glimpses of the gregarious guy he used to be. But, yeah.

It kills me. This is a family that I knew so well. I've slept over at their house so many times growing up. And then ... this.

No one deserves to have to go through this.

I mean, yes, I do have a testimony of agency -- those two boys chose to go out drinking. They chose to kill my friend's brother.

And, when there are choices, there are consequences. Some consequences are good ... and some ... some are like this. They change people's lives ... forever ... and not for the better.

Stuff like this shouldn't happen in my sleepy, little backwater of a hometown. Ever.

(Okay, maybe like way back when it was just loggers or something. Just for dramatic town history or something. But howsabout we just MAKE IT UP? Like the Yaquina Bay lighthouse's ghost.)

... Still ... it drives me crazy that people are all over the right to choose things ... but they never want to deal with the unfavorable consequences that accompany some of those choices. It's like people think that they live in a little bubble and what they do has NO EFFECT WHATSOEVER on anyone else out there.

I'm not saying that every. single. thing we do is creating a ginormous butterfly effect (NOT that atrociaous movie. I didn't watch it ... but the book was really terrible. ... Yes, even though I won't watch a film that's rated-R, I will sometimes read the book. Yes. I'm complicated.) ... but I do think that the world would be a much ... pleasanter place if people made choices aware that we don't ALL live in little bubbles and that, more often than we'd like to think, our choices do affect other people in very many ways.

If we were only more cognitive when we made decisions, I think that overall, the world would be a much happier, healthier place. But ... it really seems (and I am totally as guilty as anyone else in this), that we just don't THINK of anyone besides ourselves. We don't consider the greater good to be as important as our own wants and desires.

But if --IF-- those two boys had thought before they acted, maybe Kevin would be alive. Maybe my friend's family's life wouldn't have been turned upside down. Maybe I wouldn't be writing this post at all.

And wouldn't you really prefer me to write about something else? I rather think so.
Especially as it seems that, according to Google Analytics, people come here looking for bifocals or don't come here at all. (See?? I just totally reverted to "It's all about ME." TOLD YOU that I was just as guilty of this!!)

So ... yeah.

Go out and make good choices. Think about the consequences and try to opt for the choices that will bring desirable consequences to you and others around you (like choosing to wear deoderant. That's a GOOD CHOICE right there).

And, yeah, maybe say a prayer or send some good thoughts to those out there who really, really need them. That'd be a good choice.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, that hurts. I'm glad they're away... but I wish they hadn't done that to Mer's brother Kevin.

Allanna said...

You and me both, darling girl.

Satina said...

I am so sorry to hear about this, I didn't know. NO ONE deserves that, not what Kevin suffered, and not what the family is suffering. I am glad to know that they were convicted and I hope they are gone for a LONG time. At times like this I am so grateful for my understanding of the gospel and the atonement.

March 6th is the three year mark of my brother's death. I have been having a very hard time with it as it gets closer, Hearing about others loss reminds me that I am not alone in my pain, but also reminds me that it is a cruel world with so much suffering! (That is why I do not watch the news!) once again, I am very grateful for the knowledge and understanding that I do have and for the support and love of good friends and family. Your friend is lucky to have you as her strength!

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