Saturday, February 06, 2010

Some company praise -- Hedstrom

No, I'm not being paid for this.

We received the bushings (that plastic bit on our Wonder Horse that broke Monday) today.

And Misty, the Customer Service Representative that I talked to, did send us more than just the one. JUST IN CASE.

Seriously, we got replacement parts within the same week and for free. And I dealt with a lovely, lovely person.

If you're looking for some toys, seriously, I can totally recommend Hedstrom (who markets toys under the name Ball Bounce and Sport.)

If you want to have a look-see at what they make, here's a link to their 2010 catalog:
You'll have the option to flip through the one online or download the PDF (that one may be faster. Just so you know).

I even called them a couple minutes ago to tell them how much I appreciate their great customer service and how quickly they got the bushings mailed out to me.

(Seriously, it took me maybe two minutes to remove the screw, put the bushing in place, replace the screw that holds the bushing, affix the spring, and put the ... hose? guard? ... that thing that protects your fingers from being pinched in the spring, THAT thing .. in place. FAST FIX. And I probably didn't NEED the screwdriver, but using it did make it easier and faster to screw the bushing back into place.)

Now, if my kids didn't already have their blue and purple balls, I'd be buying them more (since Ball Bounce and Sport is the maker of those balls in the huge box?/case? at Target. In fact, the balls that my kids HAVE already are most likely made by them. ^_^ And Bruise and Bucket have had those balls for ... at least two years. I've had to pump some more air into them, but they've REALLY held up. My kids use them like those exercise/balance balls, you know, sitting on them and all? Really!)

But, yes. This is my plug for a company that treats its customers well. Yes, it did take them a day to return my call. But they did return it and went above the line to ensure that I was a happy customer. I know how to fix the horse's tail. I have some extra bushings in case I have to replace any. Really, I'm very pleased.

Just thought I'd share and let you know. Since I like my friends to have good things, too. ^_^

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