Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Good things ...

I just want to let you all know that I appreciate you.
I appreciate your comments, I appreciate that you still read my blog (even when I'm full of ennui and smattered pissiness -- even when I'm not all that entertaining).
It means a lot.
I just wanted to let you know.

Other good things:
  • Mailed off the mortgage payment this morning. Always a good thing.
  • My kids RAN from the kitchen into the living room so they could watch me hoof it to the mailbox (Yes, I am wearing sweats, no ... upper support, iykwim ...aityd, and bare feet. Yes, even though it's this cold and wet. And even though I go all OCD on my feet -- They HAVE to be smooth and soft. Yet, I still go around barefoot a bit. I'm complicated.)
  • As I started to type this entry, Bruise calls from where he's sitting on the couch, watching the Tinkerbell movie (the first one, we don't have the treasure one) with Bucket, "Mom?" "Yeah? What?" "I wuv yoo." (Cue: Awwww...! Yup, he's sweet.)
  • Bucket told me this morning that I had to read my book in bed. (Nice!!) So I did. And she climbed in and snuggled with me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and told me, "You're my mommy and I love you." (Moments like these are a definite reason we don't mail our children away when they're naughty. ^_^)
  • Diana-cat cuddled with me most of the night.
  • I slept a bit better, which is really nice. After I woke up to the alarms, I had to use the bathroom (TMI, I'm sure) and Michael asked me if I was going to be up for the day (which, no offense, but I didn't want to be awake since 5 AM. Really.) And I laid back down and slept deeply. Which was really nice.
Yesterday, I went through my Personal Progress book. Since I'm a leader, I don't have to do ALL the things that the girls have to (I might anyways, though). However, I'm closer to earning my Young Women Recognition than I thought I was. Which is nice. And really, I do have two of my value projects underway. Technically three -- if I can get through the whole Book of Mormon with the kiddos (we're reading a chapter of it together most days).
When Mom gets here today, I'm going to have her sign off the ones that I've done in the NEW manual that just came out. (The old manual came out about ten years ago. Last year they added an eighth value ... then they totally revamped the program.) The new manuals are really pretty. There are some changes, but not a whole lot of radical changes. But the changes that are made are to help the Young Women (and any women, really. Any sister can earn her YW Recognition medallion now! It used to be JUST the YW and their leaders. Then JUST the YW and their mothers and leaders. Now it's open to everyone, which is really cool.) to embrace their femininity (because there is NOTHING wrong with being a girl. ... Even though I kvetch about my period.) and to strengthen their testimonies and to prepare for the covenants they will make in the temple (because being sealed to your husband and children for FOREVER is completely ftw. Yup, there's no way that Michael's getting rid of me. Ha!! :P)

But, yeah, I didn't complete my Personal Progress when I was in Young Women's. I didn't apply myself as I should have. So it's really nice to have the opportunity for a do-over.

I even have the medallions that I could have earned, using the older PP manual (the one that _I_ had when I was 12-18. It was BIG and white. The newer ones are smaller and more simplified ... If you ever really want to see my old manual, I still have it. It's all beat up and kinda empty after the Beehive requirements ... but I have it. Sometimes, it pays to be a packrat. ^_^). And once I complete my PP, I am going to allow myself to wear them. Which is another reason I think I might do ALL the requirements that our YW have to do now. ... Heck, it's not like I can't go through my old manual and complete all the requirements in there, too. Which, you know, I have thought of doing.

Speaking of PP, have you seen the new website? It's not completely functional yet, but ... WOW! I think that being able to keep track of one's progress online will be a good motivator!

But, yeah ... as you can tell my crazy hormones are starting (okay, maybe you should use the air quotes around that -- "starting") to even back out. Phew. Because, really ... I don't like being a crazy-crazy.

So ... yeah. Since I really have just gotten out of bed, made breakfast for the kids, and mailed off a letter, and finished a book ... I really don't have much to talk about. I could rush around and put on clothes, get the kids dressed, and take them to a concert this morning .... but I really have no desire to. *sigh* I'm LAZY today. But, hey, at least the house is MOSTLY clean. That's got to count for something!!

Also: SIX MORE WEEKS OF WINTER? WITHER THE FRIES? Don't know about you, but I'm ready for some sunshine so that I don't have to debate about turning the heat up. Just sayin'.

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Satina said...

Cool stuff to know! Maybe I should work on my PP! You are so lucky to be working with those amazing YW!

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