Saturday, February 06, 2010

Personal Progress ... Progress. And then some other stuff.

So, yeah, I'm working on my personal progress (and now you can too! The manuals are FREE!!!! ... WAIT! I just went to and they're back to being $2. Huh?)

... WELL, as I was saying BEFORE, I'm going through all the stuff that I need to do so that I can earn my medallion.

And, since I'm only Miz Crazy McCrazersons, I have to ask Michael really dumb questions:
  • Hey, Hon? When it says to regularly say your morning and evening prayers for three weeks, does it count that I don't say INDIVIDUAL prayers in the evening? Like by myself? Since we pray together? Since I feel kinda stupid praying by myself in front of you, no offence.
    And does it mean that if I forget to say one of those prayers in the morning of evening on one day, do I have to START BACK OVER for the whole three weeks?
  • Hey, hon? What's a new skill or talent that I should develop for taking care of our home and family ... since it's not my "future home and family," since, like, I have them NOW and all. ... Do you think that FLYlady would count? Or should I work on time-management?
  • Honey, what standards of personal righteousness do you think I should work on improving? I mean, it's not like I'm PERFECT, but I think I'm OKAY. I mean, I don't cuss all that much or anything. (And THIS led to a discussion of how I usually only let something slip when I'm REALLY upset. And that I usually don't get really upset unless I'm on my period. So, maybe I should just go into menopause and that'd take care of that. And then I cried. Because I'm on my period. And I'm Crazy McCrazersons. Still. But I'm so much BETTER and SANER than I was last weekend. [Yes, do be afraid. VERY afraid.])
  • Michael, I don't really like the Value Experiences that take WEEKS of doing stuff. No, it's not just because they take a long time. It's because I have to REMEMBER to do this stuff. EVERY DAY. ... Yeah, but I don't REMEMBER to USE my planner EVERY DAY. *sigh!*
    (Yes, this is what my husband has to deal with. Lucky, lucky man. Amirite? I know, you're SO jealous that YOU don't get to deal with the crazy woman.)
  • Yes, Michael, it IS called a "self-assessment," BUT you know me just as well as I know myself. What if I THINK that I'm doing okay in some area BUT I'm NOT? What if I have a BEAM IN MY EYE and just don't SEE how much I need to improve??? So, what do you think? Do I gossip? ... Am I LIGHT-MINDED about sacred things? (His answer: No. you've "jovial," but that's not light-minded.) Do I tell inappropriate jokes? Besides to you and to my mom???
It ended with him telling me that I'm too hard on myself. Especially when I'm on my period and MAYBE I should work on my Personal Progress in a few days.

We went to the Preparedness Fair over at one of the church buildings here in town. Got some good information. Might take a HAM radio class soon. If we can scrape up the cost. I like that even though you have to renew your license every couple of years, that the renewal is FREE.
(Free is SO my favorite price!)

Michael and I were talking in the car on the way home. And, yeah, I mostly want to be self-sufficient and able to help other people because I hate feeling useless. I don't like to think about something bad happening and just having to WATCH and WAIT and not being able to DO things because I'm not prepared/don't know what to do.

I should save up some pennies and take another First Aid/CPR course. It'd be REALLY cool if I had the money to take that course that teaches you how to use a defillibrator defibrillator. (Hey! I was close! Just spoonerized it in my brain! Like when I try and say "Aeropostale," I find myself saying Aero-STAPLE. Yup. I'm special.)

But, yeah. I want to be able to take care of my family, immediate and extended. Instead of having to have them take care of me so much. I love that most of my family is WILLING (not all are ABLE). But it really is time that I, as an adult, step up and manage to help.

Okay. Michael needs the computer. Gotta close up.

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you make me smile when I read your posts. If you are interested in taking the CPR/defib. class I know a great instructor, 2 1/2 hour class for $30.00.

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