Thursday, February 04, 2010

Insert something clever here, kthxbai!

So, when volunteering yesterday, the time flew by. I did not tip any carts.

But I did shelve the new books (since when I arrived there was ONE hold to be shelved. ONE. Not one CART. ONE Dvd.) ... And that could be looked upon as a mistake. Since I ended up checking out about ten books from that section. Oops. #^.^#

One thing about shelving holds -- if you see a book that looks good or that you've been wanting to read? TOO DANG BAD! It's going to someone else. (Unless it's one that's come in for YOU.) New books? Mmmmmm ... those are ripe for the picking!
(I used to shelve the New Book section when I started volunteering, back before the kids were born. I'd come home with PILES of books to get through in a two-week period. Since that's how long you can check them out for. But, like I said, I didn't have kids, so I could hole up in bed all day, jump out of bed to get a shower and clean up a little before Michael got home, and it was ALLLLLL GOOOOOOOOD. Can't do that nowadays. *sigh* ... Well, not without getting CPS called on me and/or walking out into a house that looks like a hurricane swept through. Just sayin'.)

Other things that should be reported --

At storytime yesterday, Scott was reading a book about a Cat and a Mouse, with nursery rhymes in it.
I asked Bruise, who was sitting next to me, "Do you have a cat at home?"
"Yeah," he replied.
"How many cats do you have?" I asked, expecting him to say that he has one.
"Two. Gingi-cat and Dina-cat." (He calls Diana, "Dina" [DYE-nah].)
"Um, Bruise-y, when people ask you how many cats you have, they usually are only referring to ones that are ALIVE. Not the ones that are dead and buried in the garden. Just so you know."

Yup ... Gingi-cat's still a part of our life. *spookily* FROM BEEEEEEEYOOOOOOOOOND the GRAAAAAAVE!!!!!
(j/k) ... But we still love her and miss her. And, since I'm getting off of my wicked PMS-bender, I'm not breaking down into a quivering mass of sobbing pitifulness. Which is a big plus.

Last week, Michael (after reading my posts) talked with the kids in the van while I dashed up to drop by at one of the gals that I visit-teach. While I chatted with her for a few minutes, he tried to impress on them that they need to lay off bringing up Ginger and how she's dead and not in our house anymore. Which was a sweet and noble thing for him to do.

So, as soon as I jumped back in the van and put on my seatbelt:

Bucket: Mom?
Me: Yes?
Bucket: Why can't we ask you about Gingi anymore?
Michael: *facepalm*
Me: *voice warbling with unshed tears* Because I really miss her. And when I think about it, it makes me miss her even more, which makes me really sad.

Tonight, Bruise told us that we should have pancakes for dinner. So Michael told him that he should make some.

"You need some STUFF to make 'em." He told us. So Michael helped Bruise get the pancake mix, syrup, water, whipped cream, and a bowl ... and Bruise made us pancakes (with some adult supervision and direction).
The boy's not a bad cook!! I think he's better at making pancakes than *I* am!

(Now to teach him to do laundry. Or at least to sort it! And to help clean the bathroom! And unload the dishwasher! Then we're REALLY talking! ^_^)

Oh, and so you know ... if you're interested in the new Personal Progress manual, I went online today and ... instead of being $2 each (like they were YESTERDAY .. or, at least they were that price Sunday), they're my favorite price: FREE!

So you totally have NO excuse for not doing Personal Progress (if you're interested in it ^_^). Well, unless you're holding out for the journals to be free (they're still $1) or if you're a BOY. (Sorry! I mean, well, I guess you can do all the stuff ... but you're probably not interested in earning a pretty necklace or a charm or ribbons for a cool bookmark and embracing your femininity anyways. Just sayin'!)

Yeah, I do feel tons better NOT being Crazy McCrazersons. Can you TELL???? :P

Although, I do still have the urge to eat a whole Sarah Lee Cherry Cheesecake straight out of the freezer all by myself. Or half a bag or Doritos. Or a plate of carrot and celery sticks with ranch dip. Or Irish Creme-flavored Hagen Daas. Yummmmmmmmmmmo.

Yeah, I think that I live to read and eat. ... Which does explain why my body looks the way it does. Too bad that I don't love to RUN or something as much as I love, love, love to eat. Or read blogs. Or play Facebook games. >.< Oh well. Gives me something to work on. ^_^

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Our Army Life said...

Allanna, one of my favorite bookworms, how do you ever find the time? I miss books. I have one I'm reading that is taking forever because I"m always reading ELMO books or Car books to a certain adorable 2 year old. When we're old and gray, then we'll keep in touch and discuss our latest literary finds. Until then, I hope I can teach my children to love reading the way we do! :)

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