Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crazy Dream Chronicles .... EVEN MORE!!

So, you know how I posted last night, talking about crazy dreams?

Yup, it happened again!

In my dream, something was up with my hair. So, since I couldn't see what all I was doing, trying to cut the back of my hair (you know, since you can't SEE it, since your eyes are on the FRONT ... and since I was in the bathroom and I don't have a mirror behind me in there), I asked Michael to cut it for me.

And (... and this might be because, IRL, he refuses to cut my hair at ALL, fearing that he'll totally screw it up. ... HELLO!!!! I'm the one who accidentally BUZZED his head back in the day!), he cut it and my choice was to either have a total fullet (female mullet ... and it looked BAD, y'all. I am NEVER rocking a mullet. EVER. And I forbid my children to do so. They can color/bleach/shave their hair all they want. Just NO MULLET. That's where I draw my line) ... OR totally cutting it in a REALLY SHORT bob.

So, you can tell which choice I made. And, yeah, I had total boy hair. I looked in the mirror in my dream and said to myself, "Wow, I look JUST like Bruise."
(Since in my dream, I was, of course, thinner and not sporting the forehead wrinkles that are setting in ... and I was blonder, too. Guess that goes with the whole younger-thing.)

And ... I had random braids in my hair. With beads in them. And I had to snip them shorter and refasten them.

I was upset at first, with how short my hair was. But then I mostly stopped caring.

So ..... yeah. We can file that one away in my Crazy Dream Chronicles. At least I wasn't in some incense-filled stone temple (like pagan-type temple) or making out with a celebrity that I don't even LIKE in real life (Do you remember the TV show Weird Science? Probably not. ... But I was totally macking with Chett. *shudders*), or running around a castle, hiding from robots bent on kingdom-domination ... and my dad (who's not like my dad IRL, btw) has been turned into a grandfather clock .... Yeah, that one was over twenty years ago (Really? Like twenty four years ago??? I'm ancient!!!!!).

Like I've said before, my subconscious is a ... very ... ODD place. I don't even TRY to explain.

And now I've got the hiccups. Great. *rolls eyes*

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Satina said...

You DO have crazy dreams! I have vivid dream, full color, can remember every detail, just like watching a movie. But even the crazy ones I can explain and figure out. Good luck with yours...the one in the earlier post was wacky too. Maybe you should start writing books and your subconscience self can be the main charachters! Those would be some pretty interesting novels!

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