Monday, February 15, 2010

Well ...

For those of my friends on Facebook, you'll have already hear this.

Yesterday morning, my Uncle Mike had a stroke when he got up. Thankfully, his wife was there to get to him (after she heard him fall down) and got him to the hospital. He's there, in the ICU. And not only did he suffer a stroke (and his right side is paralyzed), but he also has an infection.

Now, I don't have all the details. And I'm trying to stay faithful and not worry, worry, worry ... like my usual modus operandi ... but ... yeah.

My cousin, Sarah, is taking it hard. Her folks are divorced and Mike's the parent who's in the area. His stroke was the morning of her son's birthday party (he just turned one).
I don't know how Cousin David is taking it ... But I learned from Nana that he has a new girlfriend, so that's nice. Right?

My Nana had a stroke back ... um ... fifteen or so years ago. And she bounced back pretty well.
She's rather optimistic ... When she told me that the doctors say that he's probably lost about 30% of his brain, she was all, "So? I have, too!!" ... That's Nana for you. ^_^

How did I hear about it? Well, last night, Sarah's best friend IMed me on Facebook. Sarah didn't want to talk on the phone (didn't want to break down. Can't say I blame her.), so she had Jessica contact me. As I typed replies to her, I called my dad and talked to him. After I talked to Dad, I called over to Nana's, to see if she was at home or still at he hospital with Mike. Thankfully, she was at home so I got to get some more details from her. She wanted my mom to be aware of it, so I called her. And SHE called Nony (a family friend whom Sarah stays with often ... and who happens to be Jessica's MIL. Yeah, small towns. Gotta love 'em. ^_^ [Like how, when I needed to get hold of Nana's, I could call over to her hairdresser's and they'd pass her the phone. ^_^ Then Alice {the hairdresser} passed away. And Nana ended up moving to the big town. So I can't do that anymore. *sad face* Things always change.]), where Mom got a few more details. And she called me back.

I haven't heard anything this morning. Dad hasn't called yet.

So I'm just praying and fasting and hoping for the best.
And waiting for news.
And putting off cleaning my house. Which I really need to do.

But, hey, at least I fed the kids. Bucket liked yesterday's breakfast so much that we did it again. But I used a flower-shaped cookie cutter to make the hole in the bread for the egg. Since both kids DEVOURED their breakfast, I think we've got ourselves a hit.

Oh, and in other news, here's something that I never EVER thought I'd ever have to say as a mother: "WHO put LIP GLOSS on the CAT? Do we put lip gloss on Diana-cat??? No!!!"
(Now, it would have been CUTE if Miz Di-di were stalking around with a little lipstick pout. But, no. The clear, glittery lip gloss was smeared on her FUR. Kinda like funky-fruity-smelling hair gel. But STICKY. Yeah. Fun!!! ... So she got a bath. And she didn't like it. And the gloss still didn't get all the way off. Oh well.)

But yeah, if you could just keep Mike in your prayers, I'd really appreciate it.
And if you're opposed to praying (hey, I'm not going to judge), if you could just send positive healing energies/good muju or whatever/good thoughts his way, I'd really, really be grateful.

He is a good, stubborn fighter of a man. But any help would be appreciated.

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