Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I love it when things start turning around and getting better (WAY nicer than the alternative!).

So, the company that makes the Wonderhorse (Hedstrom is the name of this company) returned my call!!

Not only was the Customer Service representitive AWESOME (Misty, if you ever read this, you are completely full of win!), but they're mailing out the replacement bushing today or tomorrow (should arrive sometime this week or next) AND they'll even send out a few extras, just in case any of the other bushings eat it!

THIS, my loves, is how customer service should work! Answer a call, come to a happy conclusion, and leave both parties happy.

Seriously, this is Misty's SECOND day at work. Good choice, Hedstrom, good choice. She was absolutely LOVELY and personable. I would add her as a friend on Facebook IMMEDIATELY if I had that option!

And she's even checking with people there to see if there's a way to fix the horse's tail. She didn't have to do that. But she IS.

Even though it took a day to have my call returned, I am VERY pleased with Hedstrom's customer service. It makes me REALLY want to do business with them again. IMMEDIATELY if I had the room and the money to buy lots and lots and lots of their toys!

This is looking to be a good day. Even if I totally skipped taking my kids to a free concert. :P

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Jennifer said...

Love good customer service - it can really make your day :)

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