Sunday, February 14, 2010

Because I LOVE you, I will share cute videos with you ...

Since it is (still) Valentine's Day over here, I'm posting some of my favorite romantic or just on the topic of love videos.

Signs - Sometimes, to change your life, all you need is love

Marry Me - Sometimes your plans don't always work out ... And maybe it's really for the best.

EVOL: Love in a Backwards World - This one just makes me smile. Some things you just can't explain.

With this one, must have some passion:

If you need chemistry, try the alchemy of gilding Shakespeare's verse with Alan Rickman's voice:
(Though I wish it were [1] Sonnet 116 and [2] an audio file. But, hey, it is what it is. ^_^)

And, well, doesn't everyone need some Validation?

Yes, I do know that I've shared some of these before. But they are some of my especial favorites.

I wish you all a life full of love and admiration. And that you will all find/keep someone with whom you can do this in another 50 years:

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