Friday, December 05, 2008

She's growing up, isn't she?

Here's a conversation between Bunny and myself the other day:

Bunny: Mommy, I wear my princess shoes (sneakers with the Disney Princesses on them) when I get married.

Me: Huh? Um, I think your feet will be a bit bigger then. We can get you some bigger Princess shoes, okay? When are you planning on getting married?

Bunny: I get married in dad TEMPLE!! (points to the picture of the Portland Temple on the wall).

Me: That's good. I'm glad that you want to get married in the temple. That's where Mommy and Daddy got married ... but I actually asked you WHEN you wanted to get married. Are you getting married today?

Bunny: No.

Me: Tomorrow??

Bunny: No.

Me: Before Christmas???

Bunny: YES!

Me: Um, Bunny, If you want to get married in the temple, you have a few years to wait. You can't get married in the temple until you're AT LEAST sixteen (with parental consent ... which, if it's up to Michael, probably won't be forthcoming until she's at least thirty. :P), if not eighteen or older. ... Hey, who are you going to marry? Is there a boy you have in mind?

Bunny: *goes over to her brother* I marry Bruise!

Me: No. No. That is wrong and ILLEGAL in so many different levels.  ... ... Is there another boy that you're NOT related to that you want to marry already?

Bunny: *thinks*

Me: How about [Boy in their church class ... born on the same day. From a nice family. His mom would be a fun lady to be related to through marriage. Even though she's cuter and skinnier. But I can handle that. It's not like it's a CONTEST, right?]?

Bunny: Okay!

So, yeah ... my little girl has watched Cinderella (or, as she says it, "Swinder-Lella) too many times and is planning on LEAVING ME ALREADY!!!

Good thing that she isn't quite adept at writing her own name. You have to be able to do that to get a marriage license.  And I don't think that she has quite enough to afford one, anyways, in her piggy bank. Phew. ... That and she and whoever she got married to ... well, they can't afford an apartment, especially without any credit history. Phew!

At least Bruise assures me that he's not in any hurry to get married. Phew.

(And Bunny and I have just had a conversation where she said she wanted to get married so that she could go to school. Once I told her that she didn't have to be married to go to school, she was willing to live with us for a few more years. Phew.)

Geez, am I THAT bad to live with? :P


Anonymous said...

From the title, I thought this was going to be sappy. Silly me!

april b said...

I love how little kids think! Too funny!

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