Monday, December 29, 2008

Off to see the ... Turning Around

SO, we were ready to go to the aquarium. We'd gotten the kidlets ready and were dressed. We dropped books off at the libraries, picked up some sheetrock from Freecycle (if you don't know about Freecycle, you totally SHOULD. Awesome.) ... and we were driving and then ... Bunny's couch is so bad she spits up. And I get her a cup after wiping her off (it wasn't THAT bad) ... and the spews into the cup TWICE MORE ... once filling that little sippy-cup about HALFWAY.

Yeah, we are NOT making it to the aquarium today.

And she didn't get to stay in Nursery the whole time ... maybe for about one hour yesterday ... so she went to Priesthood meeting with Michael while I went to Young Women's. 
She's been coughing for a couple days. And it just got bad yesterday. Bruise is coughing a little, too. So today is our sick day. ... At least Michael's on vacation, so we can try to get to the aquarium tomorrow. ^_^

Poor little girl, though. And poor Bruise. They REALLY wanted to go "see tha fishies," as they say it.

But, hey, I'm a good wife and mother. I got a free sheet of wallboard (the sheetrock mentioned earlier) so Michael can repair the holes in the bathroom (NOT from us.), I found the clothes that Miss Bunny wanted to wear (which she's no longer in, since she peed herself -- poor, tired, sick-y girl) on Michael when we got back in the house ... I played with her as she took a warm bath, got her slathered with the Vick's Baby Rub ... and picked up a bagful of groceries to treat my little sicky as we were on the way home.

Yup, I stocked up on some ginger ale, grabbed cough drops that taste good, some more Vick's rub (since she's now old enough for the real menthol-rub), some Powerade mix ... and replenished the supply of string cheese for the kidlets.

Besides all that, Michael and I got a big Christmas present for each other -- we now can hear our movies as we watch them. We got a home entertainment system with new speakers. Putting it up entailed breaking part of our TV stand ... everything seems to have some casualty count, right? (But it still works ... the TV stand. And the sound system.)
It even has an iPod dock, which we didn't notice until we got it home and were setting it up. 

It makes me happy. I like being able to hear a DVD over the dishwasher. Or the children. ^_^

My neck's been hurting for the last couple days. Ugh. Someday I'd love to be filthy, stinking rich and be able to afford to go to the chropractor whenever ... or have a live-in massuse. Or both. And an accupunturist on call. Someday.

In other news, I got that chiffon shrug returned ... and have ordered the satin shrug to go with my bridesmaidmatron dress. One less thing to freak about. And I am checking into seeing if the local tux place is selling a tie to go with the Boy's tux. *sigh* Hopefully they are. But, if not, at least this place only charges $7.50/day for a rental of the tie ... as opposed to another place that was asking $30/rental.

Oh, and I was also like, the BESTEST wife evar(!!!!1!!one!!!!1!) because I *gasp!!* did the dishes!
I KNOW!! Totally GO ME!!

Now, I have a sick family to take care of. And I'm ready for a nap. 
But I'll probably read some blogs first, while the kidlets are engrossed in their Robots DVD (Thanks, T2!!).

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