Saturday, December 27, 2008

Meme nabbed from Bri

Okay ... here goes ...

20 YEARS AGO (1988):
1. I was in 2nd Grade ... and my teacher worried that I had hearing problems 
(The problem was that I would be SO sucked into the book I was reading, I wouldn't hear my reading group announced. Oops.)
2. My dad lived up in Portland, taking independent living classes ... so I didn't see him so much.
3. I got my second first-prize trophy for the school's reading contest (tied for first the previous year)
4. I had the best time ever playing over at my cousins' house after school.

10 YEARS AGO (1998):
1. I was in my junior year at SUHS.
2. I loved swing dancing.

3. I worked at a grocery store ... being a courtesy clerk. I can still bag groceries with some mad skillz.
4. I was longing for one of my guy friends.
5. I went to prom with another guy friend ... which almost ended that friendship (after we decided to dance REALLY close to give my ex-boyfriend, who WAS staring, something TO stare at ... and my guy friend ... well, ... As he said, "Either you're the world's best actress or you really do love me." ... And I felt like a complete ... WRETCHED person for writing back "Um ... thanks for the compliment. I do enjoy my drama class."
Yes, I am completely wretched and mean. Because I really only liked him as a friend.

5 YEARS AGO (2003):
1. I graduated from college after the hardest term of student teaching.
2. I started a two-month sabbatical that consisted of laying in bed reading and watching the Sharon Osbourne show. (I still miss Sharon's show. I think she's darling.)

3. I was surprised to find that I graduated with honors. For some reason, I thought you had to BE in the Honors program to do that. I am a little bitter against two certain professors that I couldn't graduate with higher honors. Blech.
4. Michael and I celebrated our second anniversary.
5. I was sad that I wasn't able to make it to all the Insitute classes offered on my college campus. I still miss Borther Kirby's classes. 
6. It was a few months until I signed up to volunteer at the library of the town we lived in ... which I found that I LOVED. (Truly, few things get me to my Zen-zone than shelving books. Why is that?)
7.  ... I've blanked a lot of that year from my memory ... Sorry!

1 YEAR AGO (2007):
1. We celebrated the kidlets' second Christmas.
2. Michael and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary.

3. We were enjoying our first FULL year of being homeowners.

4. I celebrated the fact that I've kept the lily I received from my Nana (for being in the hospital/giving her some great-grandbabies ["I never thought I'd be a great-grandma!"] alive ... even with kids ... for two years!
5. Michael gave me my digital SLR camera. He looooooves me.

THIS YEAR (2008):
1. We replaced the carpet in the master bath with vinyl tiles. Something we'd meant to do for years.
2. Michael got a raise.

3. Bruce's rocket-thumb incident.
4. I've made friends with a few more people in my ward. Which is awesome.
5. I've enjoyed my calling(s) in Young Women's at church.  It's great to be with girls that rock. I feel younger (or else I feel ANCIENT, when I make a pop culture reference ... from before the girls were aware of pop culture. D:)

1. The kids turn 3.
2. Michael will take his Professional Engineering exam (to get his license) ... and he should pass it the first time. *hope, hope* And he'll be a REAL ENGINEER!
3. I'll be hurrying to complete a list (and do the things ON that list) of 30 things to do before I turn 30 ... since I'm good at procrastinating.
4.  We may go on a vacation.
5. We WILL paint the interior of the house. At least a few of the rooms.
6. I am going to get my own copy of "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" on DVD. Because I love it so.
7. We will go to the temple more often.
8. I will get medical insurance. (If Michael passes his PE exam, and gets that raise, we can afford to put all of us on his work insurance!) ^_^ Until then, I need to get on this. ^_^

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Dianne K. Nelson said...

I saw a copy of "miss pettigrew" at Rays in their "buy 2 get one Free" section. We could go in together if you wanted...


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