Friday, December 12, 2008

Hail the Prodigal!

It's not that I don't love you. Really, it isn't.

I've just been a little busy.

I can't even remember when I last blogged, so we'll do some bullet points (without the bullets).

- Saturday, I helped out with the creche for about an hour or so. I SCULPTED.
I am not a sculptor. I didn't know if I could.
But it turns out that the copious amounts of time I spent as a young'un, playing with play-doh, have paid off. Because when I made a little GOAT, people could TELL that it WAS a goat. And that made me feel good. Also recognizable: a camel, a dog, a cat, two mice, a bird (which bore a strong resemblance to a rubber ducky, which is neither here nor there, because ducks ARE a kind of bird), an owl, and a little shepherd holding a lamb. ... Which were all added to the previous sculptors' nativity scene. Which other people kept trying to give me credit for.

And did I mention that I did all that standing in Biblical-style wear?
Because I did. And it was fun.
Maybe I should take a pottery class. I've always wanted to. It'd be fun to learn to actually throw a pot (in a way that does NOT involve violence or tranjectory paths).

- Bunny told one of her Nursery leaders (at church) the story of Jonah, with minial prodding from me. She also has informed us that her favorite Scripture story is "de Akk un" ("The Ark one.") So now we know. :P

- My mom and aunt came to visit for a few days, so I HAD to clean my house. And I did rather alright, if I may toot my own sousaphone.

- When we went to a bra-fitting (which I've done before), Bunny kept telling me, "No, Momma, no!! Don't take your shirt OFF!!! Put on your shirt!!!" Which I found rather hilarious. And I promised her that in a decade or so, when she develops breastables, that I will take her to get a good-fitting bra.

-I noticed today that when I slouch, because I have that mom-pooch that takes over my WHOLE abdomen, I can look about six months pregnant. So I'd better not slouch. 
I also better start working out.

-My brother-in-law, C, had a kidney stone. 

-Storytime at the "big library" went well. Thanks be!

-We got a tree. And it's really, really nice. I need to water it.

-My cousin's baby shower is tomorrow.

-We're working our way through the TV series Pysch. It's pretty excellent. LOVED Season One. We're getting through season two.

Today, Bunny made me laugh by demanding that I say hi to her toy penguin. Then, she put on that fake-voice and had the penguin talk back to me. Total LAWL there.

Bruise is talking more and more. Yesterday he was SO! EXCITED! that he could spell and say a word in the letter 'O' book that Mutti (my mom) had printed out (I colored) and she put together with him.

Also, in the new PetCo, my mom had grabbed a little kid-sized cart, with the thought that Bunny would want to push it. Nope. My daughter climbed into the little cart. We tried to get Bruise to push it, since he LOVES to push carts. Nope! He climbs in with Bunny. ... So there I am, bent mostly double, pushing two toddlers wedged into a kids' cart.

Well, I need to do the dishes ... and I figured out why the house smells vaguely like pee when the heater's on (I thought maybe the cats peed in a vent -- happened at a different house, with a different cat -- or maybe one of the neighborhood cats was marking the heat pump as its territory ... Seems that my children  may be spilling their potty as they try to get it in the toilet, since they WANT to be independant.)  ... I've folded a little laundry ... but I have so much mroe to do ... and, truly, little-to-no desire to DO it ... but I'd love to have it done. 

On the bright side, I read my newest issue of Cosmo (yay for a free subscription offer!). Meh. There are always a few things that are fun ... but mostly not. Which is why I like Glamour, instead. Which is still another guilty pleasure.
As is blogging. ^_^

Funny quotable from last night ... as Bruise and Bucket were giving us our hugs and kisses good-night, Michael says, "Wow, little boy. You have soft lips!"
(Hey, I already knew that. I try and get as many kisses from Bruise as I can. Before he gets old enough to want to have nothing to do with me. Or tries to put worms in my bed or something.)

Another funny: It's hilarious when my kids sing in the shower. They were BELLOWING their ABCs. Which was pretty awesome.


Kate the Great said...

okay, we should totally check out when LBCC is offering their next set of pottery throwing classes, and sign up together!!!

Allanna said...

That sounds like a GREAT idea.

Hopefully the instructor will know how to help get us both throwing some pots. ^_^

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