Monday, December 22, 2008

Now it's official ...


But now I can actually BLOG about it (since there are people in my ward who read my blog) ... I'm the Stake Assistant Girls' Camp Director. And I have an AWESOME-POSSUM director to work with. (Shana is hilarious and wonderful! I'm ready to start a fan club to her. For realz!)

And, another thing that'll be nice is that I'll be able to go to (at least) most of camp, since the bridal shower that might have conflicted with it will be the weekend before camp. Phew!

But, yes, I have two callings again. ... And we're still looking for a Ward Camp director ... among other callings. And now I get to help Shana come up with some names for positions that are needed for Girls' Camp.

But, hey! It's SO nice that Shana and I are of the same mind about a lot of things. And she's so superfun to talk to.

In other news, I spent WAY too much time looking at vintage-y clothes on the interwebs. And why is it that the Brits seem to have the monopoly of DARLING vintage reproductions?
But, oh ... I WANT this! (and Michael even thinks it's darling!) [EDIT: Just as I post it, it's yanked from the site. It was a DARLING little babydoll with puffy/frilly knickers to go with it. Too bad you can't look at it. It was adorable. Like CuteOverload-worthy.)
And, if I'm going to be getting another swimsuit ... well, I'm SORELY tempted with this one (The top one).

But, yeah ... I've figured out that I have EXPENSIVE taste. Buggers! Since I don't have tons of pin money to throw around. :( Wah! My life is harrrrrrd!!!

Oh well. And, really ... if I'm going to have things that are that darling, I'd better start with the crunches and using the treadmill and such. 

In other news, my husband is funny. We were watching The Scorpion King last night ... and you know the one scene, where Matthias (Dwayne Johnson/"The Rock") was poisoned ... and the sorceress-gal is healing him? Yeah, Michael let me know that next time he's sick, he could handle that treatment. So much for paying his medical insurance premiums ... *rolls eyes* 

Other, other news ... I've completed ALL the Sudoku in Brain Age 2. Yup, I'm amazing like that.
I actually do better on the Advanced ones than I do with the Intermediate ones. Why is that?

Bruise and Bunny went to their cousin's birthday party this weekend. There was a pinata. Bunny is DANGEROUS when armed with a metal bat. No one was hurt ... but, gosh, I should get her into sports. Soon.

We cleaned up the house yesterday. Crazy how bad I had let it get. Sorry!

I really don't have an absolute ton to blog about. But it's been DAYS since I blogged ... Sorry that I'm all disjointed and stream-of-conscious-style-ing.

Oh, since I've been reading SuperKawaiiMama, I've done my hair in sponge rollers ... and I've done cute liquid eyeliner ... and, yeah, it does make me feel a lot cuter and more feminine. I also did Bunny's hair in rollers .... and I about got a toothache, she was just so darling. And her hair holds the curl a whole heck of a lot better than mine does. Oh well.

And, hey, if I drop some mum-flub, I should fit in my smashing Swing Dancing dress that I've had in my closet for YEARS. And it'd be nice to fit in that again. Without pressing at spots in unslightly ways (because TECHNICALLY I fit ... it's not just good enough for practical application ... since I don't care to have the fabric stretching across my pooch or bunching up in the back along the zipper. Just doesn't look quite right.)

Also, last night, I had the old My Little Pony Theme stuck in my brain.

Lastly: on over hearing myself and the fruit of my loins ---
At the ward Christmas Party, as part of the skit that was done, groups of the ward would be invited to all come up to the stage and sing a song. Bruise and Bunny went up with the Primary (the kids aged 3-11) to sing. 
Next were the Young Women (12-17 year-old girls) ... Bruise was fussing because HE wanted to go up again.
Me: *quietly hissing this because I know Anne, right behind me, is VIDEOTAPING this* Bruise, are you a young woman? Do you have a v@g1n@??
Bunny: *slightly LOUDLY* No, Bruise-y has a PEN!S. He no has a V@G1N@! Mommy and [Bunny] has V@G1NAS!!!

And then I died a little.
And, yes, it IS my fauly for teaching my children the anatomically correct names for bodily organs. (And, truly, it does help me release some steam by being able to shout --- not that I'd ever do THAT, of course, Nooooooooo ...--- "Stop playing with your PEN!S" at a certain nearly-three-year-old child in this household. Not that I'm naming ANY names *sends significant looks over toward certain child ... Not Bunny*)

But, hey, Anne said that it was COMPLETELY audible ... and that her family will enjoy that exchange upon future watchings.

I'll try to keep that in mind as my red face melts the city's snowfalls.


Jennifer Davis said...

That is awesome - I wish I had heard that exchange! You should get a copy of that tape :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha... That's precious. Make sure you get a copy for when his prom date comes over.

Your hair can hold curl by the way... I'll let ya know how for seven easy installments of $49.99! Or, you know... free... 'cause I love you like that.

Allanna said...

Yes, Jenny -- I'm sure that Anne would definitely hook me up with a copy of that tape. :P Especially if I promise to use it for the future black mailing of my children. ;>

BRI!! Don't hold out on me!! If you have some way for my hair to actually hold a curl for more than an hour ... preferably without shellac-ing my hair with hairspray (btdt), I'm ALL ears! (Except for my parts that aren't ears ... Gosh, it's too early for me.)

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