Thursday, December 04, 2008

Things that make me happy ...

SO, in back story, my drea friend Katie, called in a favor -- would I be willing to participate in the creche for her stake (Heck yeah!) ... and so I'd need some Biblical/Ancient Israelite-type garb. Which I didn't have. 
(Now, if they needed someone in 1940s or even 1920s wear, I could have done that. Geez, how inconsiderate of our Lord and Savior to not be born in a era that I have clothing styles from! :P Yes, I'm courting hellfire for that.)

SO, I call my friend, Dianne ... who not only has stuff, but also made letters for the YW bulletin board AND gave me scrapbooking paper and curtains from IKEA ... and is in all ways completely awesome.

In between that time, I've chatted with Roxy about out bridesmaid-ing duties and the clothes and all. She's glad that I was able to put in my two cents to get us shoes that cost $15 ... rather than the $43 shoes (which are LOVELY, don't get me wrong ... but after spending over $100 on the dresses, we're feeling the pinch of the economic situation, if you get my drift).
(Even better for me? These shoes are just about exactly the same as a pair that I have. Which I've gotten the $30+ use out of ... and look very well for thier age. So I'm SAVING another $15!!)

AAAAAANNNNNDDDD!!! I called up David's Bridal and they WILL alow me to trade in the (VERY SHEER) chiffon shrug/jacket for a different style that will cover my garments and look better!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!!!
(Also, my dress -- well, top and skirt -- fit quite well. Maybe I can just get Jo-Jo or Dianne to hem it for me ... and I'll be GOLDEN!!)

And I only have to buy a TIE for Bruise to wear ... Bunny's flower girl dress is all taken care of... I'll need to buy some nude-colored sheer hose ... I'll do Rox's and my hair and make-up ... thi is going to be good. 

(Well, it'll be GREAT once I get the bridal shower completely planned. And we'll have fun, regardless on the girls' night out that we'll have -- I don't have to go to a bar!! I can take the minor bridesmaid home!! And I have wonderful other friends who are compiling lists of the good bars that the bride and other bridesmaids can go to!! I am ON FIRE!!!! This is going great!!!)

I'm, like, maniacally-giggly-happy ... I don't have to swallow the cost of a shrug that won't work. I DON'T have to buy expensive shoes (not that I wouldn't like to buy shoes ... but I want my babies to have Christmas presents w/o their mom being a complete insomniac over how we'll pay off the credit cards and all. You know what I'm talking about, right?). I'm feeling GOOD. And it's so nice!!

AND!! And!! I found an online program that works GREAT for turning the .pub files that I have the YW calendars in into .pdf files! Yay!!!!! Now I can get those emailed out!!! Score!!!!!

The only way things could get better is if I simutaneously receive a gift of thousands of dollars AND a third bedroom spontaneously appears in our house.

(See, self ... good things happen when you actually read the scriptures, you doof. Do it more often, okay? It's MUCH cheaper and better for you than Prozac.)

But, yes ... in a nutshell, I have excellent friends. Excellent, I tell you!!
And I love it when I can save money. It makes me INSANELY happy.
Like new-book happy.

Also, also: If you haven't watched the TV show Psych, you seriously should. We watched two episodes yesterday. It's flippin' HILARIOUS and I like it very much.

As you were.

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Jennifer Davis said...

I told you you'd like Psych! Awesome, no? We actually just ordered season 2 and should be here in a day or two if you would like to borrow it :) I am glad to hear things are going well (especially with the wedding stuff - saving $$ is good!)

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