Sunday, December 14, 2008

4:10 ... and awake ...

Just put Bunny back to bed (after letting her cuddle a while since she woke up wet ... then I had to change her sheet).

Not like I was really sleeping well before.

Why is it that a good portion of my nightmares concern a fake experience in high school --- where I haven't gone to a class (usually math) in WEEKS ... in so long that I can't remember at all when I last went to class ... and that I have CHAPTERS to catch up on in homework ... and I know that I'm going to get an F and that I'll be grounded and Mom will be disappointed. And I won't graduate or get scholarships or be able to go to college at all.

Because, IRL, I never skipped class. Not even in college (well, there was one day when I didn't go to Science. But that was because I got mixed up on which one day class was cancelled. I was in the same building, reading a novel in the hallway, on the mixed-up day. Oops.).

So, added to this was that I had a roommate and we had dorms ... and my roommate was Asian (must have been Japanese, based on name. All I remember is that she was NOT Chinese and that had something to do with her passport status, according to this running dialog by her parents) and her name was Suziki Gijo ... and I had such problems pronouncing her last name. I would walk the stairs chanting her last name under my breath just to practice it. And it was supposed to be pronounced like Zhee-BOH or something that didn't seem right to my Anime-trained ear.

And I was having a conversation with Frau Pingle (my RL HS German teacher) and I was having SUCH a hard time drawing on my German vokab ... And I almost called her by my college German teacher's name.

Once I woke up from all that, though ... it takes me a second to regain my state of mind. Because I am still, upon awakening from this bad dream series (since it happens pretty regularly), fretting about how to make up my math class.

Then I start to remember that I HAVE graduated from high school. Nearly a decade ago, now.
And college, five years ago. I don't have any classes where my grades will matter ... and I might never have any ever again.

But, really, what is UP with these crazy dreams?

And why am I still awake?!?

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Fold My Laundry Please said...

One of my nightmares is that I've taken so long to complete my college degree that my high school degree is no longer valid and I have to go back to high school and redo my senior year.


And on a side note, I ditched school A LOT in HS. Somehow I never seemed to miss much. I still graduated with a 4.65 GPA. 6th in my class, babyyyyy! Not to brag or anything....

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