Thursday, December 18, 2008

Things to share -- and the Interwebs won't listen to me.

**Okay, just so you know, there are some seriously weird spacing issues with this post. I've TRIED to fix it. But the intewebs are ignoring me. Mostly, I guess, because I don't do "threatening very well. SO, if you REALLY want to see the whole picture/video ... Just click on it until it takes you to YouTube or the original page. I really do love you!!**

Because I love Google ... and this was just too cool:

Because you can never have too many inspiring speeches:

And for reading fun (some language NSFW, sorry!!): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
It made me laugh, the retitlings... And, no, I DON'T know all of the books. Mea culpa!

And this was just CUTE:

This guy singing, for some inexplicable reason, reminds me of Bri's husband.
Not that he'd EVER do anything like this. He's far too mature and accountant-ish for that. Maybe it's just something about the singer's facial expressions ... I don't know.

But, Bri, if you could have your Mr. Husband-guy DO that dance ... well, I'd totally owe you for a videotape of that. I'd never worry about depression, anyways. :P

I never fail to laugh about this story ... paying a bill with a drawing of a spider? Love it!!

And because I like pictures:

And, I don't have to be Democratic to like this picture. Just sayin'...

And, while I'm being a little political: here's the best reaction to Prop 8.
Do watch the video. It's the BESTEST!

This story made me all teary-eyed: A mom, dying of cancer, takes her kids on vacation ... snapping pictures with her (deceased) dad's camera in order to create a scrapbooks for them to remember their time together after she dies. While eating in a restaurant, someone breaks into their car and steals stuff -- including the camera. ... But it ends really well. It makes me feel a little less like a cold-hearted Scrooge. And want to trust the world *just* a little bit more.

If you're in the Holiday spirit and a little geeked-out, here are some cards for you!

Courtesy of my Cynthia, here is the latest Celebrity-endorsed Holiday song:
(She especially enjoys the brief bits of the dancing talent of Nathan Fillon. 
... However, I was hooting with laughter due to Neil Patrick Harris.) And, don't watch it at work ... you do see a bra in there. Just giving you a heads up, okay?

Phew!! I think that's it!!

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Kate the Great said...

loved the vids! And don't you just love reading the Jolly Porter.

Did you know that he is Nie Nie's brother?

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