Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

(Or, if you're not that religious, Happy Zombie Jesus Day!) (Because, even though it's terribly sacriligeious ... or is it blasphemous? [I always get those two mixed up. *shrugs*], it just makes me laugh. Even though He's not a zombie.)

I hope that you are all able to have a wonderful day with friends and family, that you have good health and fortune, that you are feeling blessed and treasured by those whom you love.

We've had a great morning, with my mom and aunt and Michael's family (we're waiting on a few members, though) here. Bruise and Bunny have been thouroughly spoiled (Read Disney Princess and Transformers Central here).

The chickens are in the oven, roasting (after brining during the night). The mashed potatoes were done last night. Now to heat up food and make a pan of gravy (after the chickens are done).

What did I get? Michael and the kidlets got me my own DVDs of Labyrinth (to replace my decade-old VHS copy. Not that I'm giving that up!) and MirrorMask. Mom got me (and the kidlets) a cloth calendar (so we can teach/learn days of the week and our months and weather). My aunt gave us a gift card to a restaurant (Hello Date night!!), BIL J got us a gift card to Borders (you see why I adore this boy. He's still single ... better speak up soon!! And if you're interested or have a friend who's interested, you'd better be amazing. Just sayin').  Mom and Dad C got us DVDs of Johnny Quest, which I'm not all that familiar with. But Michael assures me that it's a good series. Animation? I'm game! SIL T2 got us a DVD of Robots, which Bruise is excited to watch ... but not as excited as his present of the DVD of Transformers (the latest movie, with Shia LeBouf) which we're watching now. :P (He's also thrilled that Mutti and Poppi got him Season One of the newer animated Transformers cartoon. ^_^)
Bunny is very glad to have Princess Barbies and her own copies of The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. Right now, she's playing with Grandma, with a colorform-type dress-up Disney Princesses book.

I should run the dishwasher so we'll have plates and glasses and such for lunch/dinner/meals.

Merry Christmas! (Or whatever you do or abstain from celebrating! I can wish you a Happy Hannuaka, since it's still that holiday! :P) Be safe and happy and healthy!


Brooke said...

Who is this Bil J?

Allanna said...

BIL = Brother-In-Law

It's an acronym, since I'm waaaaay too lazy to type it all out. :P

But, this is the youngest son in Michael's family (Michael's the oldest child. Then C, T1, J, and T2) and I adore my J-head. He makes me laugh.

It's like that W.H. Auden quote - "In those whom I like, I can find no common denominator; in those I love I can: They all make me laugh."

TOTAL truthfulness in that statement. Make me laugh ... I like you a bazillion times more than I did before.
(And that, Brookie, is why I ADORE you! ^_^)

Brooke said...

I love how I make you type out your being lazy around me...

and I love you

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