Saturday, December 13, 2008

Good weekend, busy weekend

SO, I got most of the dishes done. Still have a crapload of laundry to fold ...

We got the van loaded up and drove a (very rainy) drive down to visit Nana, where I proceeded to totally slam the back of my head with the trunk door. Ow. I said a very bad word.

And, really, generally I do my best to avoid bad language ... but, oh my dears, when something REALLY HURTS, sometimes a bad word for "poop" seems to really help one get over a painful instance.

We had a nice visit with Nana ... the kidlets received their Christmas gifts from her (since she won't be coming up for Christmas. :( ) and have had much fun playing with them. Bunny's especially enjoying the set of play-dishes that Nana gave her. And Bruise is enjoying the battery-operated trucks.

We then went to my Mom's and my stepdad's house ... where we ate more. (Because, in our families, to love you is to feed you. Yes, food = love. And that can explain the size of my butt at present. Because, oh my dears, I am FULL of love.) The kids played, we put them to bed,  went to bed ... woke up in the middle of the night with a little boy who had pulled a certain appendage out of his diaper and was, therefore, SOAKED (at around 1 A.M.), then to a little girl who wet through HER diaper a few hours later ... and the little man was in bed with us for most of the night  ... his sister climbing in at around 5 or so ... So, yeah, I really could have slept better. :P

Woke up to find that snow had fallen during the night ... and kept falling in little flurries during the morning. Which was nice. Bruise and Bunny learned quickly the art of throwing snowballs.

We went to see my Dad and L ... Bruise did laps around the living room, Bunny watched cartoons with a near-hypnotic stare. We drove back to go to my cousin S's baby shower. 
In a card from her dad and her step-mom, her dad wrote, "You done me proud." 
(cue: Awwwww!! Because her dad, though such a SWEET, SWEET man, is not a very outspoken man. So, I just about near teared up over that.)

Then we left from there and drove back home. Which went pretty well. Especially since the kidlets slept a good chunk of the way home. (YESSSS!!!!) Filled up the gas tank ... which wasn't too bad, since gas is so much more reasonably-priced than a few months earlier ...
(Although I STILL long for the days when I started driving ... and it was at 99-cents/gal for a bit. *sigh*)

As we are at home, I go to get a package of Ramen ... and unleash an unholy avalanche of wrapped-noodle-packages on my head. Yup ... it appears that getting smacked in the head is my theme for the weekend. Let's hope that I break that habit today, yes?

Also fun -- As Bunny was playing with her dishes after we got home, I had her stuffed penguin toy. I had it ask her to hold it and hold it and hold it ... finally Bucket got a little fed up and says, "No. Not now. I'm cooking!"

Um ... I wouldn't know where she learned that from.

No clue at all.

(Good thing I don't have any recording devices live around here!!)

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