Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here I am, shivering in sweatpants, fuzzy socks, and a thermal top (that I've apparently STOLEN from Michael's drawer. Bad me. Shame!!!) ... because there is STILL snow on the ground. But, hey, at least driving around should be safe. It appears that the ice has all melted from the roads.

Yesterday, Michael stayed home (since driving would have been SO dangerous!) ... so that made me happy. After a weekend where we (1) traveled and (2) he was gone a good chunk of Sunday doing his Home Teaching, it was nice to have a day where he was around and we could hang out and do some Christmas shopping.

We also had the kiddos play in the snow. In. Our. YARD!! (Last winter, we drove for over an hour to take the kidlets to play in the snow on their birthday. So, having snow On. The. GROUND!! was pretty amazing.

Bruise likes to EAT snow. When I was buckling him into the car to come home from church, he's all munching on something. And my hand comes into something wet. And COLD. And I half-screech, "Are you eating SNOW?!?!?" .... "Yeah," he replies.
Nutto child.

Bunny and Bruise have had lots of fun tossing snowballs. I'm mean enough that I pegged then both in the face with snowballs. I figure that it helps make up for all the crap they have given me the last three years (yes, I AM counting time in the womb, thankyouverymuch). And they think that being pegged with powdery snowballs is pretty funny. Most of the time.

It turns out that right now, Wall-E is Bruise's favorite movie. He's watching it for the second time today.

As we were reading a Nativity story the other day, Bunny points to the picture and says, "Look! Baby Jesus in an egg!!" ... You know how a simplistic-type drawing makes swaddling clothes look ... SO, I've been swadling Bunny's baby dolls in their old receiving blankets. And Bruise and Bucket carry around their babies.

It's almost enough for me to know that they feel ready to have babies around the house. But, oh, would I be ready? That and the fact that I wouldn't fit into my Matron-of-honor dress ... *sigh* I guess I have no choice but to wait to get knocked up again until after Mer's wedding. Since I am NOT spending another hundred dollars on a dress that would have no chance of fitting without a ton of alterations. 

Well, at least I could still wear the jacket that I have to get this weekend. *sigh*

That and I really SHOULD get some health insurance sometime. *double sigh*

I really need to clean the house. But, hey! My husband's awesome because he helped me fold a metric crapload of laundry. Now I need to fold a couple more loads of laundry, do the dishes, maybe start making cookies for our neighbors (since I really barely know any of them. Yeah, I know. I suck.), and I need to read at least three books today. At least the books are rather short. *phew!!*

Of course, with it being so cold ... I'm more than tempted to blow off everything and take a hot bath. Followed by digging out my flannel jammies and snuggling under a pile of blankets, complete with hot cocoa and those Swedish ginger cookies from Costco (OH! Those are GOOD!!).

I mean, it's really pitiful that I'm having to chafe my fingers warm as I'm sitting here typing. It's not like the heater isn't on. It is. It's just a cold day.

Also, I love how Bunny refers to the space created by the curtains and the toybox (almost like a little windowseat-haven) as her castle.

Also, also, I totally laughed the other day when she was trying to entice me to let her watch Aladdin the other day, "It haaaaas Princess Jaaaasmine in it," she wheedled. Where on earth could she have learned that? :P

In other news, as I WAS feeling less than Christmas-sy yesterday, we watched the Charlie Brown Christmas special and Joy to the World ... and I cried, just a little. A happy cry.
Now I need to watch Mr. Kruger's Christmas [watch it online here - YouTube)(Hello? Jimmy Stewart?? I LOOOOVE him!!! I need to buy, like, ALL of his movies. Srsly).

But, yes. And I will probably be watching "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Mr. Kruger's Christmas" sometime this week. Because they make me happy. And I can make some egg nog and some cookies and sing carols and feel like it's Christmas. 
(Even though Nature has sent me that gag-gift. Time to break out the valerian! And, yes, it DOES seem to help a lot. I have actually been able to SLEEP, can you believe it?? And I don't quite feel like I have a head full of angry bees telling me what a loser I can be. ... I'll have to ask Michael if I'm showing less of the crazy. He'll give me an honest answer. ^_^) (Seriously, Love. I know you read my blog. Just tell me in the comments, so everyone won't be wondering. ^_^)

So ... since I'm curious ... what are some of your favorite Christmas/Holiday traditions?

Other, other news ... we hung stockings! They look very nice in a vertical line along a corner. Yay for my husband!


Kate the Great said...

Silly silly girl.... if you get pregnant, then you get insurance.... that's the blessing of the state of Oregon... you don't have to be dirt poor to have OHP when you're preggo. So if you make too much to get OHP for when you're not preggers, you can still get it when you are preggers, but can't afford insurance.

Don't let the insurance issue put the kabbosh on the kidlets.

Although I don't have an answer for the dress thing.

Michael said...

You are not crazy... well, maybe for me but that is totally different.

Counting ...

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