Thursday, July 10, 2008

Post 261 - With bonus "Crazy Dream Chronicles"-goodness!

I had a good last few days with Mom up ... not counting the stress of yesterday.

Mom came up Monday. Before she came up, I took the kids to the library so I could pick up my holds (2/3 of which were still missing. Turns out they were accidentally shelved with the interlibrary loan holds. Oops. But I still went home with only 1/3 of my holds.)

Tuesday, we went to town again to get my holds (which were there, since my Sally-librarian is amazing and found them for me). Bruise cried/screamed all the way there, while Mom sat in the car with the kids while I jetted into and out of the library, while we went shopping (groceries), and all the way home. And them cried some more. All while messing with his right hand (the one with the thumb that got all cut).
Michael and I went to mutual to help out/answer questions about YW camp. Then we laminated the bookmarks for the girls.

Bruise finally slept, but kept messing with his bandage, even in his sleep. Wednesday morning, I unwrapped it (even though it had been on less than 24 hours) ... Oh, my poor little boy. His knuckle was PURPLE and SWOLLEN and cracking.

So we got an appointment and went to the doctor's. Where we found out that he's got a case of dermatitis. Basically, his skin is reacting to SOMETHING. Doctor R tried a new way of wrapping it so that there's more airflow. Bruise, once the wrap was on, was much happier ... and we went to storytime and a playdate at a park. Later, Mom and I took the kidlets to Target where they got wallets (Princesses for Bucket, Lighting McQueen for Bruise McGimpyThumb), I got a pair of capris (Yay! Now I have two pairs of short/capris that fit!), and Bucket cleaned up with four pairs of shorts and three shirts -- well, one's a bodysuit, but still. I also picked up some syrups to use with the shaved ice maker that we got at Dianne's white elephant gift exchange. (Best. Thing. Ever.)

Today, we went back to the doctor's. Bruise's thumb is even more swollen/blistered. But it's not purple. And the cut looks MUCH better ... Maybe just in comparison.
Should I post pictures? What do you all think? They're kind of graphic. Especially the blurry one I got today on my cell phone. But if you really want to see, I could either email you or post them here.

I guess that I'll let you fill out a poll. If you want pictures sent to you, you can just email me. My email is "firstname""lastname" AT
And if I've emailed you before, you probably have it. If you don't have it ... well, comment me with it. And tell me to not publish your comment. You can trust me. I figure that you wouldn't want the spambots after you. ^_^

I have a YW Camp meeting in two hours. I have about ten books that I'd love to FINISH before camp. But that's not going to happen. Oh well. But I have gotten through about five or so books this week. Score for me.

I also had the strangest dream. I dreamt that I was this mix of Bella from the Twilight series but with the personality strengths of Veronica Mars (See what you do to me, Jenny?? I blame this on you. Not!). And this government agent-guy wanted information about my dad (More like Mr. Mars than Bella's dad). I was running away and stupidly (of course) ran upstairs of some old building/dormitory and had to lead out into a tree and climb/jump down. I was doing remarkably well ... and also screaming for Edward.

And I prefer Jacob, really. He's just more ... genuine.

But, really, y'all. What is UP with this dream? I was totally capable (Veronica Mars) but still hoping to be saved from my own incompetence (not-so-Veronica Mars).

But I suppose it's better than the OTHER dream that I remember this week. The one where I'm skipping college classes (which I didn't do) to hang out with a friend who's going to be leaving ... and I've skipped so many classes that I can't remember my schedule, so I don't know which class I'm supposed to go to or where it even would be. And I'm going to have wasted an entire term's tuition and I'm going to be served a heaping plate o' FAIL and no one will like me and I'll never get a pony!!!!!!

Okay, so the pony part is not in the dream. But the angst and lost feeling totally IS.

But, to sum up this week that I've neglected you:

-Bruise's thumb is ... getting better. At the cost of what we might save for his college education. (Start working on those scholarship NOW, boy.)

- Bucket and Bruise got new swimming suits. Bucket opted for the Disney Princesses (like her new wallet). Bruise got Pixar Cars (like HIS new wallet).

-I had fun with my mom.

-I had crazy dreams when I wasn't hanging out with my mom, reading books, or freaking out because ZOMG!!Lookit Bruise's THUMB!!! Is it my fault? Did I wrap it too tightly? Have I made it so that he's going to have his dear thumb amputated? Did I do something wrong?!?
(Answer: No. It's reacting to the bandage and the adhesive. It got too hydrated and his skin freaked the chicken out. You're not a bad mom. This time. It's not your fault. And he should heal fine. Just give it a little while. Even though right now, his thumb, in one part, is as thick as a bratwurst. He's really looking fine. And that little flap? Might actually have the right amount of bloodflow to reattach and heal beautifully. We're going to be okay. Just don't think about all the co-pays adding up. Ugh.)

-My mom did the dishes, like a bazillion times. And bought me a pair of capris. Because she rocks.

- I made my mom laugh until she cried. And gave her a great prank idea. Because I'm evil. (Watch out, stepdad. She's got a great idea.)

-I reached my limit of feeling helpless - Yesterday, while holding my dear, little Bruise, who was crying and crying and had a slightly swollen thumb that blistered, I cried, too.

Yeah, that's about it. Oh, and between trips to the library and trips to the doctor and a hella-annoying detour in our town, I've put over 100 miles on the van THIS WEEK. (I usually put like 40, maybe.) *sigh*

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Cynthia said...

I want to see to the pictures! I want to visualise what happens to poor little Bruise.
Glad you had a good time with your mom (it's always good to have her when we feel we're helpless. I guess that's what moms are for ^_^)

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