Monday, July 14, 2008

Little Things. Real Fast.

1. Bruise said a prayer last night. Well, almost a full one. I was proud.

2. His thumb is getting better. It's out in the open air. Dry skin. Looks like hell. I call it "Frankenthumb." Seriously, all it needs is some stitches placed randomly and you'd agree.

3. Bucket is being very cute. When she's not smacking around (and KICKING) her brother. As she tells us all that Bruise is hurt and we need to be nice to him. ^_^

4. Five minutes until I leave for Camp. Michael's home with a migraine, so I'm going to close up, kiss him, kiss the kidlets, wish Mom C luck, grab my lunch and purse and waterbottle ... pick up P, and meet for carpooling.

See you Wednesday! I'll tally up the votes about the pictures then. Thursday will be the soonest you should really expect a post. But I'll see if I can't get myself together Wednesday before SYTYCD.

I'll miss you all!! (And especially my dear computer ... no email for TWO. WHOLE. DAYS. How will I survive?!?!?!??)

Take care!

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