Sunday, July 20, 2008


Tonight, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog will vanish from free-streaming onto iTunes.

And you should totally buy it on iTunes (or on DVD when it comes out. Because Joss Whedon TOTALLY promised that it would. And when it does, I'm SO, SO, SO buying it and making everyone I know watch it. Because it's really funny/good.)

But, seriously! Go to Dr. Horrible's site! Watch the three episodes! Hum along! Laugh!
(Or if it's not July 20th anymore, download them off of iTunes - three episodes, $1.99 each. That's six bucks for a 45-minute musical of Joss-osity!!)

But, really, people ... Michael and I totally loved this. Totally. Michael gives it four stars. I give it four-and-three-quarters. (That last quarter will be given when the rest of the Firefly cast comes out for a song-and-dance number.)

And I want the soundtrack to this, dang it. So bad.

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Anonymous said...

Joss is my hero! I watched it and I loved it! And Nathan!!! What can I say, the man is so good at being cheezy;) I'm waiting for the DVD and I want the be the first one in Belgium to buy it!

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