Wednesday, July 30, 2008



If you somehow MISSED your chance to see Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, you are in WONDEROUS luck!!!!!1!

(If you still have NO IDEA what I'm talking about, see here:)

AAAAAAAAAND!!!! It's viewable online FOR FREE (for a limited time only!!) at!

What's kinda cooler is that you have the option at Hulu to watch one of the three acts at a time OR the whole frakkin' amazement in one glorious shot!!

(How many exclamation points CAN I use in this post? Who knows?)

But, yeah. I'm excited. I almost wish that I didn't have to take the kidlets to storytime. But, I know that I can watch it repeatedly (for a limited time only!) on my computer.

Sleep? Who needs sleep?? I've got Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer competing for my undivided attention.

So, my dears, go watch it. Report back. Who is your favorite character? Which song did you adore the absolute most of all? Can you possibly wait to own it on DVD? (Cynthia, I know that you can't. And I know that I can't.)

But, here is your chance if you missed it the first time. DO NOT miss it again!
(but if you do, I'll still love you. And, once I get the DVD, we can have a little Joss-festival -- Dr. Horrible and Firefly and Serenity. And we can quote and sing along and eat popcorn and everything. And paint toenails (if you're into that. I know I am).

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