Saturday, July 05, 2008

I. Am. A. Slug.

Do I feel like a good wife? A good mom? A good person?

Nah, not so much.

What have I done today? I let Michael get up and set up a show for the children. I put on some sweats. I closed a couple windows. I played a few games of Sudoku.

What has Michael done? Folded some laundry, vacuumed, kept the kids from whining too much (as I am pretty much out of patience ... and I can't take any crying today. Found that out as I worked to re-bandage Bruise's thumb. It doesn't look "good" or pretty. But it smells fine (not necrotic or anything). And he really wasn't crying so much about his thumb as much as because he lost his cool, Cookie-Monster blue thumb wrap. Today it's yellow with bees on it.) ...

I made Ramen noodles for the kidlets. I still need a shower. I looked for a new template for the blog. This one I've had ... I've just had it for way too long. And I'm ... I'm just ... ugh.

I think that sums it up. I'm just "ugh."

Bear with my whining, okay? I'm surrounded by it most days, so it's inevitable that I'll start doing it myself.

I keep sleeping wrong on my shoulder, so it's all sore. I'm just not cool. I am just very moody. Is it my allergies and hormones all ganging up against me?

I really don't have a whole lot to say right now. I think I'm going to grab my book and go take a bath. Then maybe I'll be all cool-Llanna again. I'll be able to be around my babies without feeling like a hooser-mom. I'll be up for doing dishes and folding laundry. I can clean and organize my computer desk. I won't be constantly questioning WHY-THE-CHICKEN my children never seem to listen to a gosh darn dang word that comes out o my friggin', frakkin' MOUTH.

Oh, and only like ONE picture that I took of the fireworks last night MIGHT have turned out decently. Two, if you're very liberal on how you use the word "decent."

Here I go, escaping again. Pay no attention to the present self-loathing behind the monitor. "Walk on by, preacher man. Walk on by."

(I must be feeling better. Look. Witness. I've quoted only one of the best series ever.)

And now to bathe my ennui away.

Ciao, y'all. I'll blog again when I'm not feeling like a complete hooser.

Note for the future: If your children have been messing with your computer desk and you can't type in the address bar to check your email ... make sure to check and see if a key (such as, say, the ALT-key) is stuck. You really don't have to restart the computer and fret about how your presssssssssssssshussssssssssssss lifeline to the world may have been completely screwed.
Not that I'd know or be able to relate to ANYTHING like that. Of course not. *shifty eyes*

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