Friday, July 11, 2008

Overheard: Bucket edition

I have to say that there are things that my daughter says that just really make me laugh.

This morning, I asked her (as she was petting Diana-cat) which cat she liked better: Ginger or Diana.

She thought for a minute and said, "Mutti-cat."
(Mutti is my mom.)

She used to get so, SO excited as the Disney movies started.
Bucket would point and exclaim, "Temple!! Temple!!!!1!"
(Now that she's so grown up, she still gets excited ... but she says "castle," instead.)

She's still learning words ... right now she uses "too" instead of "very" or "really."

"I too hungry."
"Mommy, you too pretty."
"Bruise too beautiful."
"My shoes be too dirty." <--This one makes sense, but really, her shoes are not all that dirty.

I would think of more, but right now I'm trying to keep and eye on four kids (my nieces are over while their mom and baby brother runs an errand) ... and I'm trying to do conflict control. I already had to take a nearly-deflated helium balloon and put it into time out because a certain son of mine was not sharing. Which made the four-year-old cry because she wanted to play with it and he took it away and now the world is over!!!! ... Except now she's playing with their toy kitchen. After sending all the other kids away. Repeatedly. (As I sat back and tried to coach, "Instead of saying 'Get away!' maybe you could say, 'Please step back.' That might be a kinder way to ask your sister and cousins to move.")

Yup, that's the literary vignette for you. I'm here at the computer, typing away while keeping an eye on these little livewires. Oy.

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