Friday, July 25, 2008

Fabulous Linkfest of Wonder and Majesty ... Or something like that. I really don't know a clever title. Is this trying too hard?

SO, my dear, dear lovely ones (and, YES, you can be lovely even though you are a masculine-man-type. It's about personaility, my friend.), while my children are ENCHANTED with "The Jungle Book" with its fascinating rhythms and all that, I have some time to blog. (Time which I could be using to, I don't know ... SHOWER or do the frakkin' DISHES or folding laundry .. but which I will sluff off on all that just to share all sorts of things with you. Because I've been sitting on a few things for FAR. TOO. LONG.

Far-too-long-opening-paragraph-that-blathers-on aside, I have links! For you! That you might like! (And some of you have probably already seen ... of you haven't passed them onto me yourselves!)

Let's start ... before I devour my dear little girl who's all porked that her brother had the AUDACITY to sit in the one chair that she wanted. And refuses to sit in the identical chair RIGHT. NEXT. TO. IT. *sigh*

So, where to start??
Let's start with the Muppets. Because Muppets are fun. And anyone who doesn't like the Muppets is a sad, sad person who doesn't have a heart. And who wouldn't know fun if it came and kicked him/her in the face. (No offense, though.)
Here and here are links telling the histories of 20 of our favorite Muppets. (Courtesy of mental_floss)

Something to mull over: Is this the way to temper rising gas prices? It seems to make sense. What do you all think?

(nabbed from Don't Try This At Home.)

Would you survive? Here's a quiz about your chances of survival in various animal attacks.
Here's my chances:

Brought To You By Adult Toy Parties

A rather ingenious Chess Set: from Neatorama

New genius alert! Seriously, Mohammed Bah Abba is changing some lives with this rather simple, yet totally ingenious way of refrigerating without electricity. Totally awesome.

I love the complete absurdity here.

Another fun video -

This was just silly. Which reminds me. I need to see Cloverfield.

Who REALLY should have won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

When one-upmanship is made of awesome - Ed Begley Jr. vs. Bill Nye, Science Guy.

Kawaii!!! An Alphabet of Baby Animals!!

The best cover of SexyBack I've come across: Diagnosis Wenckebach

Such an awesome library-art-organization idea.

And I'll throw the other videos into another entry. This one's wicked-long.

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