Saturday, July 26, 2008

Things overheard in our home ...

(Never say that I don't listen to my loyal readers! So as you have voted, so let it be!)

Early in the morning-
Bucket: WAKE OUT!!
(We're working on "up" ... but "out" works too, if you think about it.)

FRWUCK!! <-- Bruise's cry whenever he sees a vehicle and it's not a car. Or a "Frwacker." (That'd be a TRACTOR.)

I still laugh whenever I order Bucket to tell me how I smell.
Most times it's, "Peeee Ewwww! *Barfing sound* You yucky, Mommy."

Bruise will sometimes declare that he's a girl. (I guess to fit in when Daddy's not home? ... However, when asked directly, he'll admit to being a boy.)

Some things that you never thought that you'd say ... and then you had kids ...:
"Stop playing with your PEN!S!!!!!!"
"Honestly, now. What will it take to get you to go poopy in the potty?"
"Princesses do NOT play with their nipples! ... Well, not unless they're trying to induce labor maybe. AND THEN, they're all grown up, you hear me?!?"

And you really should hear Bucket retell the story of Jonah:
"Jonah 'fraid to go on mission. He run 'way to boat. Big fish swallow him three days. Then fish spit him out *barfing sound*."

(Really, though, you should SEE her do it. It's most excellent.)

Lately, Bruise will come running up to me and declare "Big kiss!" and give me a nice squeeze and a kiss. It's very cute.

Another thing, after church the other day, Bucket came home talking about Nursery (the church class for the 18-month-olds through 3-year-olds). I caught her later, standing on their slide, looking toward the television set (for once, turned OFF), chattering away. I only caught PARTS of her little monologue ... and, oh, my kingdom for a video camera.
She chattered something about "sorry" and "Jesus" and maybe about shows and Jonah ... but, oh, it was darling. ... And then she caught me watching her. Oops.

Yup, I have cute children.

And Bruise is naming his colors off lots better now. For a while, I was worried that he might be colorblind (I mean, my dad is. And so was HIS dad ...). Thankfully, it looks like I'm just a terrible worrywart. But I can handle that.


Cristall said...

Oh. My. Goodness. LOVE the Jonah recap. *bwraaa* (barfind sound)

brooke said...

Being colorblind isnt so bad. I actually enjoy being colorblind or at least dont know what I am missing. While I have never seen a rainbow, Ican blame almost anything on being colorblind. My clothes dont match? I'm colorblind. I didnt pay my phone bill...well, of course, I'm colorblind.

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