Friday, June 27, 2008

Link-a-dink-a-doo ...

Okay, so it is on the record that I am not the only one who likes the Discovery Channel's version of "I love the whole world." -- Witness the brilliance of the xkcd strip. (Michael read it this morning and left it up for me. I love that he knows what I like.)

Here's a neat little video -- (from Neatorama) The Silver Swan's an automaton built in 1773. It gives two performances a day. Seriously, it's over 200 years old, people! It still works! I'm amazed.

Another funny (at least to me. What can I say? I like the absurd.): Garkov - Garfield comics using Markov-generated Garfield dialogue. This mental_floss covers it well. Makes me laugh.

Yet another video making its rounds on the internet:

It just makes me laugh.

And this Washington Lottery commercial is probably my favorite lottery commercial (It's MUCH better than the Oregon Lottery one with the lady in her giant, gold-plated bathroom. What skeeves me out is that she gets on this gold golf cart after flushing her toilet, drives it, THEN washer her hands. There could be HEPATITIS ALL OVER THE STEERING WHEEL!!!1! COME ON, PEOPLE! THIS IS CATASTROPHIC! AND GROSS!)

But this one? It's good.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I found that on Cute Overload. And this is from CO, too. I think it's cute.

And for a little off-site linkage, Planet Tozer -- Amazing how these planets are actually photos of soap bubbles. They're shot by a photographer named Jason Tozer. SO cool.

Color Sense Game - What's your color sense? If you're thinking of redecorating, this could be helpful. ^_^ It's also kind of fun.

Also from Neatorama, the Japanese game show, Hole in the Wall, is coming to America.

Doesn't it look kinda fun??

Speaking of fun, the new Disneyland attraction -- the dream home of the future!
Description over at modmom. It sounds kinda cool. Yet another reason I have to get back to Disneyland sometime.

Not quite safe for the kiddos, but these Jane Austen comic strips totally make me laugh. Like Laff-laugh.

And then, this article at Neatorama was pretty cool: "Bacteria Eat Waste and Poop Out Oil."
It might only be so cool to me because a couple days before I read it on Neatorama, Michael and I were talking ... and he's all, "Back to the future had the right idea. We need to start turning our waste into fuel." And he was telling me about how it was in the movie and how it would be if there were some way to transform our garbage into oil or whatever fuel that we'll be using. And, lo and behold, this pops up on Neatorama. Seriously, people, my husband's all smart. (He says that I'm smart. He's not half-bad himself, if you want understatement.)

So, yeah ... that's it for links right now. Hope they all work and everything! (They should, since I just opened them all .... but who knows? Things do change and whatnot.)

Okay, I need to clean up the house and get a shower and read some library books and stuff like that.

And take a nap.

And, if you were curious, it's been nearly a week that I have not nursed my children. I thought I was going to be all sore and missing it ... but, really -- summer weather? It's time. Especially on days that I'm cranky due to heat and allergies. I think that they're doing okay. (Bucket asks ... mostly due to the routine we had, but she's coming to grips.)

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Jennifer Davis said...

I thought the exact same thing about that lottery commercial! It is totally gross...

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