Monday, June 30, 2008

Friends in Blog Places

So, here's the deal, I have this friend who blogs under the handle (is that the blog-word for it? I'm really not quite with it. Which is a story for another post, once I've uploaded a picture or two.) Vanilla Joy.

(And, yes, I'm jealous that her blog title/blogger name is that adorable. It totally fits her. I've known her most my life ... We grew up down the street from each other, in fact.)

BUT, the main thing is that during the summer, she's planning on having some giveaways via her blog.

And, well, this is a really good one. Because I need some new sunscreen for the kidlets and that's ONE of the facets of this giveaway package. Yes, it's a PACKAGE.

So, get your heinie over to her blog and check it out!

This is a smorgasboard of coolioso stuff. Bagel-fuls (her breakfast of choice), a Lil' Rinser (for the bathtub ... and handy when someone has a forehead wound. Wish I had this when Bruise gave himself that little scar by his eye. Oy.), and a Lil' Swimmers package (swim diapers, suncreen, sun sensors, bucket, and beach ball).

But, yeah, I'd like to win this package.

If you want a chance, hie thee over to her blog. Post about the giveaway on yours. Leave a comment. It's that easy.

And is it bad to admit that I hope that not too many people do? It would help my odds of winning this. ^_^

But, really, I adore her. She totally deserves the publicity, so go and do it!
And while you're there, tell her I say hi. ^_^

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Kelsey Norwood said...

Thanks Allanna!!! That was a smashing write up! I owe you - I hope you win!!! And I don't think I've ever met your kids in person - maybe Christmas...Anyway,thanks again, you're awesome!!!

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