Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good things

So, to make up for the downer of the last post, here are things that are good:

- I got a perfect score on the Piano Player on Brain Age 2. Boo-ya!

- I guy driving through the library parking lot today commended me for taking my kids to the library at such a young age. It's nice to be told that you're awesome. ^_^

-Thanks to Jenny's tip-off about the dollar section at Target's latest selection, the kidlets now have a little lunch-set. They have a lunch sack, sandwich box (Bucket's got an extra little snack box in hers), water bottle, and ice pack. Bruise's is Disney/Pixar Cars. Bucket chose Hello Kitty (She almost chose the Disney Princesses ... but Hello Kitty won out. Barely.) (Again, thank you Jenny! You're amazing!)
(And all of you that are not Jenny, you're amazing too. Really!)

- I got some cute pictures today, upon returning home from the park, of Bucket with dirt on her face. It made me laugh. Especially when I asked her how she got so dirty and she replied: "I da know," in this cute, flippant style.

- How when the kidlets get up, they'll come to my room to wake me up. Bucket will say, "Hello, little mommy." And Bruise will climb into bed to snuggle with me (and, if there wasn't any noise, I think he'd fall back asleep again sometimes).

- The kidlets are REALLY getting into using their imaginations. They'll come up to me, asking for different foods (or Band-Aids, as Bucket did just a minute ago) and I pretend to give them ice creams, oranges, water, milk, chocolates, etc ... and they're pleased as punch to make these giant chomping noises as they "take a bite" of these, um, delicious treats.

- My children love to be tickled. They ask for it. And they ask/beg/plead for more.

- The smell of sunscreen on warm child-skin. (Can you tell that I was a GOOD mom and actually remembered to put sunscreen on my kids?)

- Their little voices saying "please," "thank you," and "I love you." And Bucket's prayers. She demands to pray every night. We lead her along. Sometimes Bruise joins in (as we coach Bucket) ... but he is still working on his attention span. ^_^

- My children doing their animal noises. They're silly little people.

(And just about everything about my husband. Even if he's too honest about some things. ... Like how I don't always smell like roses and chocolate-chip cookies.)
(Note: Don't judge that comic by the art there. Jacques has really evolved in his style. A LOT. He totally admits it, too. Seriously, go to the current comic. There's no comparison. ... And there is a reason why it's called Questionable Content ... but I'm a rebel like that. Blame Bri. She got me hooked on it!)

- Episodes of Firefly. Even when I'm all hormonal and (in general) pissy, you can tell I'm feeling better when I whip out the Firefly quotes.
Or, really, ANY movie quotes. If I'm quoting movies, I'm (as a general rule) doing well. (As Cristall would totally know. ^_^)

Yeah, overall, life is good. We made it through storytime (barely), had a lunch at the park, I took a bath to recuperate from storytime ... I need to figure out what to make for dinner (I know I'm going to be roasting "brokky" ... and Bucket has asked for [surprise, surprise] "noo-nuls" [noodles] ... now to figure out the rest. *sigh*)

Now to read to the kiddos and figure out what's for dinner.


Jennifer Davis said...

Oh, I am glad you got down there and got those :) They were pretty cool for a buck and the kids love them.

don't you love playing referee? I think as a parent you will be doing it until they move out (and in some cases longer). It seems like some days that is all I am doing :(

Have you tried the stick sunblock? It works so well for little faces and is so easy just to keep in your bag (in case you forget, like I always do) - you can often get a coupon for them at Freddy's, making them only about $2-3 :)

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