Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blearing through the antihistamine ...

Really, this is the first year that I'm all, "Whoa. Allergies are like this? How do people handle it?"
I'm actually taking some benadryl every so often ... and I'm kinda in a fog most of the time. And I'm so sucking it up at blogging. I really do love you. And I really DO mean to tell you SO much more about my life and all ... and share about a metric crapload of links with you.

Today, my Bucket made me laugh so hard that I about couldn't breathe. She was sitting on my lap after her bath. I was putting on her pajamas ... and she was talking about how the flowers on her PJ top smelled yucky. (I mean, really ... They're IMAGES. They don't stink. But, you know Bucket, she's got a mind of her own.)
And suddenly, it morphs into "I gonna smell Mommy! Peeeeee-yoooooooo! *retching sound*"

I seriously have got to get this on tape. When I do, I'll share it with you all. Because I seriously about wet my pants over this.

... Really, though, I don't stink. I mean, I took a shower and brushed my teeth and wore deodorant and EVERYTHING. I smell good, really!! She was joking, I tell you!

Bruise is talking more and more. He made it through storytime yesterday (which was a special musical presentation for the preschoolers) and the regular storytime today pretty well. If they started acting up, all I had to do was threaten to take them out. Then they behaved. Phew!

In other news, Mary Murphy (on STYTYCD) has been wearing MUCH more appropriate styles for her. Phew. And Neil Lithgow, in a leather jacket? Who does he think he is, Neil Gaiman? (KIDDING! He was fine.)

Well, Michael's telling me that I HAVE to go to bed. And you know me ... I'm a docile creature, always obedient and sweet ... never rocking the boat.

*laughs hysterically*

I mean, I'm not totally DISobedient ... and I'm not a terrible homemaker (I mean, sure, I leave MUCHO room for improvement. But, hey, I did some dishes today! We have clean spoons and forks again! (I TOLD you that I was being all sluggy from the benadryl. You believe me now, huh. And how does one spell benadryl? Am I spelling it correctly? I mean I COULD go and LOOK IT UP ... but I'm all lethargic and weak. But I can breathe. And I can swallow without it feeling like a huge ball o' HELLFIRE is lodged in the back of my throat.)

*sigh* I'm tired. And I am not being a good typist. And I'm REALLY tired.

But, oh! I finished Pretties by Scott Westerfield today. I'm totally digging that dystopian-future-thing he's got going in that series. AND they had Specials AND Extras at the library ... so I can finish the series soon.

And I still have to read Sheri's book so I can return it to her sometime. Oh, so many books ... so little time.

But, now, off to bed I go!! See, Honey? I listen and obey!

It's just kinda in the Lord's on time. Sorry!

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Fold My Laundry Please said...

If you're still breastfeeding at all, I'd be careful about the benadryl. It can lead to seizures and such in little guys. My pharmacist also said that any medication that dries up phlegm and such will also dry up breastmilk. If you're all done with that, however, try loratadine. It's the generic version of Claritin and it works great without any sleepy side effects. And you only have to take one tiny little pill every 24 hours. Loratadine is also not safe to take while breastfeeding.

My, my! I am just a font of information, aren't I?

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