Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I've neglected you ... again.

My poor little blog. My poor, poor, poor friends ... I'm sorry for neglecting you. And I wish that I really had something to show for it.

I mean, last week I had actually caught up with the dishes. I am not at that point now. I also have about ten loads of laundry to fold because I'm a Loser-McLoserpants and have neglected it for so long.

I got behind on reading blogs (and therefore, Sorry Melissa!!, I haven't been commenting on blogs much ... Well, less than usual ... I'm a bit of a lurker by nature, really). I am behind in the movies that are getting to be due at the libraries (thank goodness, though that there are only two, really. Well, one feature-length (Bell, Book, and Candle ... My friend, Roxy, and I performed a scene from the play for Skills Fair in high school. I've read the play, but I didn't ever see the movie. --- Watching the movie, I think that Rox should have played Gillian and I should have played Queenie ... My Gillian was a bit sweeter than Kim Novak's. And Roxy played Queenie a little more deviously. ^_^) AND Season One of Heroes. (I love me some Hiro. He's so sweet and darling. Yeah, I'm a bit of a Japan-ophile.)

I wish I could say that there's a complete and total reason that I have been neglecting this blog (and, therefore, all of you). I guess I could blame it on the kidlets ... they've been waking up hella-early. And so, yes, I've been tired. Staying up to watch Heroes or a movie or So You Think You Can Dance ... then the kidlets waking up around six ... when my body got spoiled by them sleeping until around 7 or half-past that.

Still, it's a sucky excuse. And I don't really buy it. I haven't had TONS to write ... But I'll try to catch up. Here are my bullet points:

- I have a nephew. And he's got a decent name. Not too common and not too "[Brother-in-law's-name]-what-were-you-thinking" (This is my brother-in-law who, Lord love him, wanted to name a child "Doctor" ... just for kicks and giggles. And joked about naming our nephew Methuselah if he came out with a beard. Don't get me wrong, I love my brother-in-law. ... But, to be completely honest, there are times that I DO NOT get him. And it makes me glad once again that I'm married to Michael.

Really, stinking, truly, incredibly happy.

(Ha ha on me. C (that brother-in-law) called me up and invited us to go to the park with him and our nieces and nephew. As Bruise kept calling C "Dad," he and I both confided in each other that it's good that we're not married to each other. As he puts it, "You're too independent for me." I had to agree. ^_^ I really am. I'm pretty headstrong. And I sometimes cut my hair short. ... Also, he's skinnier than I am. And I rather live by that one quote in While You Were Sleeping, "If you fit in my pants, I will kill myself." He still weighs less than I do ... and he's complaining about how much weight he's put on. :P)

- I won a little give-away. I am now the proud (and surprised) owner of my own paperback copy of The Yiddish Policeman's Union. Hey! Now I won't have to put it on hold. I've been wanting to read it for a while (And with nearly a thousand books on my to-read list,. ... No joke, check out my Goodreads list if you think I'm kidding, I thought that I'd be waiting for over a year before I could put it on hold.)

- When Bucket saw her cousin B, over at the hospital, when we went over to see their newest cousin, she and B ran toward each other and gave each other a HUGE hug, as Bucket spouted out, "B!! I MISS you!!!"
I about melted right there. SO cute.

I THINK that's about all I have for now. (And this has taken he HOURS to write ... because I had getting-ready-for-storytime, storytime, getting-back-from-storytime, getting the kidlets snacks, going out to the park, coming back from the park, putting the kidlets to NAP (Thanks be!!) ... and I'm rather exhausted now, myself.

If you're dying for information of any sort, just comment or email me and I'll be up for suggestions. At this point, I'm just about dead on my seat (since I AM sitting down) ... and I'm pointedly ignoring the messy state of my house. I have a nap to take, books to read ... then I'll worry about dishes to do and LAUNDRY TO BE FOLDED. Ugh. It never ends.

(BONUS STORY: We got to storytime a little early. And at this library, the library is opened a little bit before storytime starts. So I take the kidlets to look for some books that I want to read ... and a lot for them to read.

Bruise gets settled in playing with the BRIO-type trucks and train table-thing. Taking him away for that to go to storytime? Which Bucket REALLY wanted to go to?

Yeah, lets just say that poor Scott, the storytime librarian, commented to Bruise that life really wasn't that bad. And that they were really going to have fun. (Which Bruise DID, don't get me wrong.

But he was READY for storytime to be over. And when we got back to the children's section? Oh, horrors! There were "TOO MANY PEOPLE" at the train table. So he cried a little more. And played with the kitchen set and the doll house very happily.

Oh, heavens, I am going to need to put some serious moolah into that boy's therapy fund ... with how he carries on and on, I KNOW that I am seriously establishing my "Meanest Mommy in the Universe ... and maybe even meaner that THAT" cred.)

(And no, I have not yet devoured him. Nor have I hung him by his toenails over eel-infested waters.)

(Not that I wasn't tempted. ... Hey, I'm just keeping it real, okay?)


Jocelyn said...

Ah, storytime and the trauma that a child can obtain from it! My tootsie gets so upset if someone takes something from her, accidentally steps on her finger, or picks up something she recently put down. We've cut short many a trip to the library because it's just too hard being a sensitive toddler in a place where you're supposed to be quiet!

Jennifer Davis said...

You'll have to bring him by here next time he needs a train fix - Jonathan's room is all hooked up for that boy stuff :) We were stuck at home yesterday without a car, so we were unable to go. Jonathan was sad :(

I am so happy for C&A! Hopefully we will see them at church to see the baby! and find out the name they decided on :)

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