Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not about rocket science. At all.

SO, here's some more wonderful, wonderful things (Well, at least I think they're wonderful) to share with you.

Neatorama is spoiling my inner Marvel geek: There are frogs that sport claws, a la Wolverine (aka Logan)!! Squee!!

Also from Neatorama (are we detecting a trend here?? Hmm ...): What happens when you put your cellphone in the microwave.

(Yes, it is not to be taken seriously. But still. Fun? Oh, yes!)

Britain's Got Talent, as featured on (yet again) Neatorama.
Seriously, you HAVE to watch these two videos. I think the first one is better ... but, oh, the music ... and the dance moves ... I pink puffy heart these guys.
And, yet again, I'm a little jealous of those Brits and their TV shows.
Like the quiz shows featured in this (again, Neatorama) post.
(And don't forget QI!! I heart Stephen Fry! And quiz shows! And trivia! ... For an episode, check YouTube here:)

Why is this NOT aired in the States? Are we Yanks just not good enough to DESERVE more awesome quiz-type shows? What am I supposed to do when Jeopardy isn't on? I mean, really, y'all.

And, for those who are tempted by the dark side, this was pretty neat:

(I wish that I could program my printers to do that. Or any song, really. It'd be kinda neat. ... And couldn't you imagine, people walking up to my husband's cubicle, drawn by this tune? ... I mean, he's already got the two monitors, so he can pretend he's an evil genius in his secret lair. -- Okay, it's not the REAL reason he has them, but he does display the Dilbert strips about it. ^_^)

And, last, Great Art Parodies ... by Joel Schick. I really want to get some of these and put them up in the kiddos' room. That would be made of awesome.

And I'm done. Now to REEEEEEEEAD while the kids are semi-contained and should be napping.

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The Davis' said...

I want that British TV show! So funny. :)

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