Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back to you, Bob ...

Again, again, I've neglected you.

It sucks, I know.

But, to make up ... here! My Ty-ty sent me this. I adore it!

I love it when my friends know exactly what I like. And the fact that I can share it with you?? It just sweetens the deal, no?

Well, what's gone on? We went to visit family (My Nana, my mom and stepdad, my dad and his girlfriend), came back and visited with Dad and Mom C, their cousins came over to play ... went to church where I lead Senior Primary singing time for the first time EVER (No, it is NOT my calling. I was subbing. It went okay, though), celebrated Father's Day ... got caught up (and behind again) on the dishes and laundry, finished season 1 of Heroes, watched a video we borrowed from my mom (27 Dresses ... It was cute) ... but only AFTER we FINALLY finished all the DVDs we borrowed from Seph and Jenny. (Go us!! Now I can return them to her!)

I do have more to say, including a bit of a rant (be forewarned) ... but I'm closing up so I can get the kidlets ready for storytime.

(I stayed up LATE last night. Couldn't sleep. So I'm not totally with it. AND I've spent about a half hour looking for Bruise's new spill-proof bubbles ... I know where Bucket's is ... but his? *Poof!* It's, in Bucket's words "issapeer!" ... She and I said a prayer, so I know it's gonna turn up SOMETIME ... but I'd prefer it to be sooner, rather than later. Especially since I walked around our yard in my robe and underoos. Hi, it's me. Just your resident crazywoman. Yeah, call me Mrs. Rochester ... Bertha for short.)

So, where was I? Yes, to get dressed. And get the kidlets dressed. And with more food in their bellies so that we won't (hopefully) have to leave storytime amid tantrums. AGAIN.

Counting ...

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