Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Things to share ...

So, if you read mentalfloss and neatorama, you've probably already seen these.
But I'll share anyways. Because most of them are amazing, funny, or darling.

A quiz to help you select your candidate for the 2008 elections
Hey, I'm just trying to be socially responsible.

So I can bring you THIS.
Click it, you know you want to.
Michael and I had a good five minutes of snickering out of this.
And, really, parts of it are only funny because they're so true!

This makes me snicker like a snickering snickerer:
Mommy, Why Is There a Server in the House?

A cool video (why are the European commericals seeming SO much cooler than ours?):

HP Office Orchestra - video powered by Metacafe

I only recently stumbled across the new Powerpuff Girls makerover (from Japan, of course!) on JapanProbe. And, thanks to the wonder and magic that is YouTube, here's my favorite PPG song mashed up with the new PowerGirff Girls Z footage:

And to fully round out the selection, here's something that makes me go "Awwww!!" (you know, with the voice totally rising nearly an octave at the end? Because it's SO sweet, right?):
Check it out, via Neatorama

Oh, and since this IS me, I'll add a tangent: I'm totally stoked that PBS's Masterpiece is doing the Complete Jane Austen. Totally stoked.

Sunday night, when I was watching the version of Persuasion that was on (with GILES -- okay, Anthony Head -- from Buffy in it!! Squee!! ... Yes, I am JUST that strange. But you kinda knew that already, no?), I kept getting awfully distracted.

I adore the character of Captain Wentworth ... but the actor playing him? Has a more than passing resemblance to one of my dear friends. So I keep thinking, "Jensen! What's Jensen doing in Regency England?? ... Oh wait, never mind. That's not him. Okay my sensibilities, at ease."

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