Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Forgive my absence

Since I KNOW you were all on the EDGE of your SEATS wondering what the bedevilment I've been up to.

Well, I'm going to keep TELLING myself that's what's going on. :P

So, Bruise's arm (the scrape from the treadmill) is healing well. The kidlets are enjoying their new toothbrushes from their dentist trip. (Seriously, they got some serious swag at the dentist -- a new toothbrush, a small sheet of Winnie-the-Pooh stickers, AND a bath toy [Bruise got a black and white porpoise. Bucket has a goldfish]. I'm a little jealous. I got a toothbrush, floss, and an appointment for an hour of dental procedures in two months. I think I got the short end of the stick. Especially because I stayed in MY chair and didn't cry. *pouts*)

My Dad and L (you know, I'm ready to call her my stepmom. If our state had that whole common-law marriage-thing, they WOULD have qualified for that about a year and a half ago. SO, if I make any reference to "my dad and stepmom," you'll know what I'm talking about. Even though, TECHNICALLY, she's not LEGALLY my stepmom ... but she and Dad are good together. And she and I get along very well.) came for a visit and to bring Bruise and Bucket their Christmas/birthday presents from Nana.

Yesterday, Bruise and Bucket were sitting next to each other, each talking on a little play phone (one is Michael's old cell). I thought, "Aw, how cute." And then I started actually listening to them and I about melted into a little pool of goo.

Bruise: *into cell* Hi, Gammpa!
Bucket: *into play phone* Hi Mutti!! Hi Tracey!!

And they babbled excitedly into those phones until they got bored of talking to family ... rather close-mouthed family (but not in real life. Usually, if I give the kids the phones, they sit there and listen AGOG-ed ... as I TRY and TRY(!!!) to get them to say "hi" or ANYTHING to the other end of the call. And, as soon as I take the phone back, they start screeching "Hi, *insert caller's name*!!!!!! HI!!!!!!!" and then they run around the house like little cheetahs or something (probably the something, seeing as how they don't quite have the natural grace of the cheetah. I say this being full of love for my dear children .... So you can only IMAGINE how they REALLY look as they skitter through the house).

In other news, I'm nearly caught up with dishes and laundry (I need to fold just a little more ... and put away the kids' clothes ... and go through the kids' dresser and closet to find what's too small for them now. Then I need to bag that up and toss it in the storage shed. *sigh*).

Today, we may go to storytime here at the local library. Tomorrow is the kids' doctor appointment. Our bathroom carpet smells --- I really, REALLY want to rip it up and have a NON-CARPETED bathroom. Seriously, who NEEDS a carpeted bathroom? Unless you have serious, serious back problems. And a built in dehumidifier. Gah.

WELL, I have to close up, since Bucket NEEEEEEEDS me to read her a story.

Anything I've left out? Let me know and I'll try to blog it soon.

Also, it is FRAKKIN' COLD here. Hello heating bill increase. Grrrr.

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fold my laundry please said...

I can't sit on the edge of my seat what with all of the younglings climbing on me (it's a safety thing, you see), but I DO wait with breath that is baited!

By the way, ever since you typed it into the Llannaland chat, I cannot stop saying "Holy Hank McCoy"! It is my new favorite expression!

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