Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Catching up

... pardon me! Sorry for not blogging more regularly. It's been a little bit of crazy over here.

Michael's coaching the Young Women's basketball team. First practice (they practice once a week) was yesterday. First game? Saturday. These are all good girls. But a good deal are just learning bball skills. Hey, I'm thrilled that they're brave enough to try something new (I'm not always that brave).

The kiddos and I went to toddler storytime yesterday. I think it went pretty okay. We left during the last song, since the kidlets were tired and starting to meltdown ... and I still had to get to the store to get bandages (Story to come, stay tuned.).

Today, I get a call as we return from Visiting Teaching that the dentist's office will be closed the day our three appointments are. So we have to reschedule. The kids' appointments can be moved to tomorrow ... mine? It could be March, April, or TODAY. In about two hours.

Thankfully my sister-in-law was able to bring her two girls over to play (Bruise and Bucket love to play with their cousins), so I could make it.
I have one "vintage" filling that needs to be replaced. And another molar has a cavity and a CRACK in it. But my gums look good (Thanks Sonicare!).

Then Friday is Lock-In, Michael has exchanges with the missionaries, my dad and Nana and L might be coming up for the morning... It's a little busy.

And I've been trying to get caught up on housework, little by little. I'm almost caught up on dishes. Still need to reload one load in the dishwasher and wash a few things by hand. Need to fold and put away some laundry. Finally washed the sheets (AND the pillows! Let's not dwell on how many colonies upon colonies of dust mites were in there. No. Stop. RIGHT NOW. I'm going to have nightmares, okay??), so our bed smells lovely.

I brushed my teeth today. AND I got them cleaned at the dentist's office (btw, I had a LOVELY dental assistant. I like her immensely), but have I gotten a shower?

Um ... LOOK! Over there! Something shiny!

SO, the story I promised: As I was finishing up dinner after making sure that I got the new van insured (and we have gap coverage! Yay!!), C calls to ask if our nieces can come over to play with Bruise and Bucket. And, sure, why not?

So I ask him not to look at my house, seeing as how I'm in denial about my housekeeping skills -- and he says that he is, too. So I tell my brother-in-law that we can just be in denial together. (Even though, as he, his wife, and the girls are over, I'm doing the dishes and trying to get my piles o' crap a little more organized.)

The kids ask for the treadmill to be turned on so they can walk on it. I'm such a Stingy McStingersons that I say "no" because I don't want to waste electricity or have to keep an eye on things. So they ask other people. And it gets turned on. And Bruise starts to cry after a while. (Hate to sound heartless here, but he's a ... sensitive soul. So I pay it no mind at first.) And then their younger (but still older than them) starts screaming. We all drop everything to race over ... It appears that Bruise was trying to get a large ball out of the treadmill's grip. And scraped up his arm a bit.

At first we couldn't tell if it were a scrape or a friction burn, so we're on as full-alert as we get around here. Michael swoops Bruise to the bathroom where we put a cool, wet rag on his battle scars. I check before adding ointment (so I don't trap in heat). We locate the pads and bandages. We are a machine of (if you're optimistic) effectiveness. I give Bruise some children's ibuprofen ... he doesn't even seem to notice it ... except for the bandage (which I keep out-of-mind-out-of-sight from him by keeping him in long-sleeved shirts.

Bucket? She was most upset by the fact that Bruise got medicine and SHE didn't.

Hey, did I mention that I no longer have all that smutz on my bottom teeth? And how smooth they feel?

(And STOP thinking about how dirty our bed's pillows were. Stop it RIGHT NOW.


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