Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm not the only one

1) ... who has issues with certain customer service people.

Check out Matthew (of Childsplayx2 ... one of the most fun daddybloggers out there. I started reading his blog when I was still gestating my kidlets. It's nice to see what's in store for us as a family. ^_^ But really, read him. Adore him. He's supernice.) and his woeful tale of dealing with customer service in trying to fix up a room in their house.
(Also, The Monk? ONE strong toddler.)

2) ... who's taken aback by Heath Ledger's untimely death.

Read Kerflop and Mo Mommy.

Yeah. At least I know that I'm not alone.
And that may be one of the best things about blogging.

But, really, if you don't mind helping Matthew in his crusade to spread the word-of-mouth (or -of-blog) about the ... well, LACK of service from Home Decorators, I'd consider it a personal favor. Dude, he's waaay too nice to have to put up with crap like that.

The least they could have done would have been to refer him to a company that could have helped replace the hinge.

And, you know, actually HAVE CRAP IN STOCK.
But that might just be asking too much. *shakes head*

I hope that you all are doing better, though. I wish everyone excellent customer service.

Like what I get from Regence BlueCross/BlueShield of Oregon, JiffyLube, Honda Dealerships (especially, ESPECIALLY the service techs), and Little Tikes.

And, from what I read on,
if businesses retain 5% of their customers ... customer loyalty totally pays off.
As in profit. 35-95% PROFIT.

So, really. If you have a business, make sure to treat your customers right. They have the power to spread word-of-mouth. Which equals MORE business. Which equals MORE MONEY. And we likes money, doesn't we, my preciousssssssssssss???
(Sorry. Got carried away there. Don't mind me.)

But, seriously. Customer loyalty does pay off. So don't alienate your customers with crap service, okay? Kthxbai.

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Childsplayx2 said...

Thank you for spreading the word! Customer Service, in this day of competition, is so important. I'm just surprised when people don't see that and are jeopardizing their business in the process.

Thanks again!

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