Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cute things my kiddos do

Bucket ran past me the other day, growling (like REALLY growling) "Goodbye."
She's started counting to twelve (Thank you Jim Henson and the characters on Sesame Street.)
She still kisses my knee when I'm on the computer.

Bruise, when wearing a long-sleeved shirt, likes to pull one hand in and (since he's not all that verbal yet) pantomime a magician -- "Tah-daaaah!! Here's mah hand!! It had disappeared, but it is now back!"
He also likes to share snacks with his sister. If I give him some pretzels or something, he'll hold up his other hand, outstretched, and squeak his nickname for her. So I ask, "Do you want to give some to Bucket?" And he'll nod. So I'll give him some for her and he'll RACE OFF squeaking her name to deliver the goods.
(As opposed to one time when Bucket wanted some string cheese. Michael gave her half a stick and the other half to deliver to Bruise. She chomped a bite of one, then looked at both the sticks, held up the now-shorter one and ran for her brother pealing "BRUUUUUISE!" and promptly gave him that one. Heh. He seems to be a little more considerate. :P)

They've started waking up REALLY early. Like before Michael's left for work. So if I appear a little more haggard than usual, you know why. Especially since they screech and talk in their pealing little voices ... and I can't fall back asleep. Their voices are on such a frequency that my brain is SO attuned to ... So I have to leave my dream of picking up and moving half a state away while Michael hasn't found a job there and may be driving half the state away for work ... Well, with a dream like that ... It's probably good I woke up. Since in it, I had library books to be returned and they were already packed away and maybe at the new house ...

Really, in real life, we're staying put. It's cool.

And my kids do cute things. Like how Bruise, upon being brought to me for a diaper change from Nursery, will say "Hi, Mom," as soon as I come out the door.

Or how Bucket will declare how she has "jrumped." She's a good "jrumper."

Or how Bruise likes to call cars and trucks (both words he can say) "Vrooms." And how trains are usually referred to as "Choo-choos."

And Bucket decrees that we watch "street show." "Street!!!!!" appears to be her battle cry of choice. As long as it ends with watching some "ErnieBert" or "Elmo," she's a happy girl.

Funny kiddos.

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N & K Caulder said...

Your kiddos are super cute!

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