Tuesday, July 03, 2007

That'd be a good name for a band ...

I was talking to R (another of my bestest friends).
She was buying a dress since she had some extra spending money (on account of her husband spending more than we thought he had on his hobby -- he bought some stuff for his online game from an, ahem, alternative dealer).

"Black market gil," I said. "That'd be a good name for a punk band."
Then I went off about how SHE should start this band and dedicate their first song to her husband and I started making up lyrics in an affected punk-rock voice. And, as I tried to say "loooooooo-ooo-ve," it sounded odd. Like Chewbacca.

And since, naturally (and I love to say "naturally" in sentences where its meaning has some irony), whenever I think of zombies, I think of R (which she and I also joke about), I came up with "Zombie Chewbacca." And I told her that she should dress her younger daughter as Zombie Chewbacca for Halloween, because it'd be cool.

OR maybe "Zombie Chewbacca" would be the first hit by Black Market Gil.

You never know.

THEN I thought aloud that R could TOTALLY scrapbook those pictures of Offspring2 in a Zombie Chewbacca costume. And I nearly started to cry from the absolute brilliance and hilarity OF a scrapbooking page of a one-year-old child dressed as a ZOMBIE CHEWBACCA.

And then I wondered aloud if it's PMS that's making my sense of humor all punchy and crazy. Then I immediately responded to myself that, no, I'm always this way, nevermind.

And then we talked about life and our kids and how we missed each other and she's needing to try on dresses so she had to go, bye.

But, if I ever have a surplus of fake fur (as if I ever HAVE had ANY at ALL ever before), and I desperately need a costume, I suppose that I have an option.

And if you ever steal my idea ..... I SO want PICTURES. Pre-scrapbooked, please.
I'll try not to wet myself.

In other news, I went to the library. A book that the (electronic)card catalog showed as being lost was there. On the shelf. The library ghosts love me.

And I left with TWO BAGS FULL of books.
Because I'm a weak-willed person.

But I'm able to cross off quite a few books from my list of "To Check Out and Read/Study/Ponder (if they're in when I go to the library) Books."
Go me!

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