Friday, July 13, 2007

Teh Boobage ...

Yeah, the title is a link. A wonderful LOLcat link. One that makes me laugh every single time. ^_^

Here, though is another link about people getting all up-ins about NIPs (Nursing In Public).
However this link is about a nursing mom who's not only asked not to nurse in public at someone's home (which is understandable -- the way the author of the email asks, however, is NOT) BUT the nursing mom's ALSO asked to regulate her husband (the brother of the email's author) shirt choice!?! From the email itself that the sister-in-law sent to the nursing mom (and you get some follow-up in comment 47 ... Yeowch!), I'm getting some blatant (or should I say OVERT) hints of passive-aggressive-it's-all-about-me-NOT-my-daughter's-birthday-ness-essence.

In the word of Stephanie from Full House, "How Rude!!"

So, since it IS my blog, and I CAN, I'm going to wax eloquent (yet again) on my breastfeeding experiences. Because I've sure enjoyed it. (And I'm not trying to be smug or boastful. I know that I was totally blessed -- waaaaaaay more than I deserve -- to be able to breastfeed at all. Since I've had some friends who've impressed me so much getting through some touch circumstances. More power to you. You are stronger women than I. Seriously.)

I have nursed in public before. (I've even nursed my now "older" babies -- over 6 months -- in public).

The time that I received the most comments of a not-so-positive nature ... at a pizza parlor with my family. One aunt was worried that I might be arrested for indecency (not possible. Breastfeeding is not a form of public nudity. One reason I love my state). My mom (she's so funny. I do love her) wanted me to cover up more. Still, as a new mom, if Bruise was covered, I couldn't see what I was doing. I accidentally flashed her and my stepdad some boob as I got Bruise latched on (we had used all the f0rmula we'd packed on Bucket). And I accommodated her by using the blanket that I had with me. A quilt. (Not exactly discreet, I think. :P) It kinda makes me laugh.
I can understand that they were worried about the other kids running around the pizza parlor getting an eyeful ... but I was wearing a nursing shirt. Once Bruise was latched on, we were good to go.

Still, I have to say that the times that I haven't used a blanket, I've not had any negative feedback.
(In fact, a few months ago ... I think it was March ... I saw a new mom nursing her child in a mall. I totally gave her a smile and a thumbs-up. She smiled back.)

We've long reached the point where I can't nurse Bruise and Bucket modestly in public. They're rolling around in my lap, grabbing each other's hair, pulling my shirt up even more than they used to ... It's kinda crazy. But I still enjoy the whole nursing. I get to feel needed. And I don't freak out about my kiddos not getting the fat they need in their diet or whatnot.

I still think the funnier times that I've breastfed have been involving other people:

1 - Impressing my aunt (NOT the one who was worried about public nudity. This is my other aunt) by tandem feeding. She was SO amazed. It makes me smile. (Ju, if you're reading, "hi! Love you!)

2 - Nursing (I think it was Bucket) at Michael's cousin's house. H (his cousin) walked in on me. Was I flustered? No. Was he? A little. It's sweet when boys are SO worried that they've embarrassed you. (I know he wasn't scarred. His wife has breastfed, too.)

3 - Nursing Bruise in the church lobby. A member of the bishopric (our church's clergy for you friends of other faiths ^_^), coming over and kissing Bruise on the head while I'm sitting and nursing. Different, but not unwelcome. Brother H is good people. And, regardless of being from an older generation, gave an obvious -- yet silent -- declaration on his stance on NIP. Rock on!

4 - My second baby shower (I had one down in my hometown before the kiddos were born. The second in the town we lived in, due to giving birth early AND scheduling difficulties, was after the kiddos were born.)where Bruise (I think) got hungry. I figured that due to the age spread, I should leave to feed him. Sister B was all like, "No, stay! Isn't it great that right now you can supply everything that your children need?" So, there was nursing galore. (Since after Bruise got done, Bucket needed some milk. And I nursed her while helping clean up. And people were impressed. Which was cool.)

So, yeah, overall, I've LOVED my experiences nursing. Am I ready to give it up, after 18 months?


It's really funny. Before I had kids, I knew that I wanted to nurse. I was hoping (HOPING) to make it six months.
Then, after I started nursing and as time went on, I figured, "Well, let's shoot for a year." Whereas, Michael figured that once I started getting bit I'd stop.
Then, regardless of the biting (which, thank heavens, has been very rare), I kept going. I get my cuddles, I feel needed, I have a failsafe for knowing that my kidlets are getting the food they need ... and, as a bonus, I'm burning some calories. ^_^

Now that I've made the 18-month mark, I keep thinking ... Hmm, maybe I can get to the WHO-recommended two-year mark.

And, yeah, part of it is because I AM too lazy to fix "real food." :P

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't know you, but followed your blog link from the Lactivist. I just had to laugh at your timeline/goal for nursing...mine was EXACTLY the same. Now, my twins are nearly 3 and I'm both hoping for and dreading weaning. Congratulations on your succesful breastfeeding and good luck making it to the 2 year mark!

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