Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day! (Unless you're not American ... then, um, Happy Fourth of July!)

Today we have a BBQ to go to. It should be fun.
The last two episodes ever taped of Drive will be aired tonight. We're taping them, at the least. No, FOX are big, fat liars who WILL NOT air the last two episodes (that I've only been waiting TWO+ MONTHS FOR) after they SAID that they WOULD air them. {NOTE: I had to search through the FOX website. They've moved them to July 13th. Same 8/7c time slot. If they move it ONE MORE TIME, I'll be ready to send them some serious, serious hate mail.)

Instead, we're stuck with Anger Management with Adam Sandler. Which I truly couldn't care one iota about. (I started to watch it once. I try to feel guilty that I don't know how it ends.) As you can tell, it's not one of my favorite movies. Neither does it have ANYTHING AT ALL to do with this holiday ... or is it a cool-at-all movie. Why couldn't they have, at least, shown Independence Day with our favorite "sassy black man"? (Sorry, grammar elite, the Brit punctuation makes more sense in that sentence.)

Oh well, we'll set off some bottle rockets and play with sparklers.

I finally got one of the library holds I originally requested in April 2006. It's a set of CDs of 80s music. There are some seriously good songs on here. It makes me happy. I also have started Terrier by Tamora Pierce. And I'll be devouring An Abundance of Katherines by John Green along with Wicked Lovely ... and about 20 other books that I want to get through. Six of the books I picked up were my holds that had arrived ... I grabbed a few that I had been wanting to read off of the shelves.

And now I've really gotten book-geek-ed out. Sorry.

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N & K Caulder said...

You are so not geeked-out. Cause, if you're geeked-out, then I'm geeked-out. And I'm not ready yet to embrace the term. ;)

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