Friday, July 06, 2007


I feel the need to get a few things off my chest.

1. I'm a bad Mormon. I love coffee-flavored and Irish cream-flavored things.
And when I'm extremely bad, like toeing the line of Perdition-and-maybe-Outer-Darkness, I eat some Ben and Jerry's Dublin Mudslide ice cream. And savor each and every sinfullicious bite.

2. I just about cried with gratitude for the beneficence that is Sarah Jessica "Fashion is Not A Luxury. It's a Right" Parker. Have you READ about Bitten, her line of clothing? Pieces start at around $20 (What the chicken? I totally misread that at first. It gets better-->) prices top out in the $20 range ... and she makes them in sizes 0-22! A celebrity, a designer, that realizes that not all women (a) are stick figures and (b) have a bazillion dollars to spend on an accessory, let alone a pair of jeans or a shirt or something.
I heart her.

3. I am irrational.
Michael and I were discussing how Bruise and Bucket would be going into Nursery at church ... we'd have two hours free of hissing at them to "Be QUIET!" or chasing them around the ward building (and, in my case, slamming my GINORMOUS DIAPER BAG OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM [!!!], DEATH AND DESTRUCTION into innocent bystanders).
And I got a little chocked up that I won't have a little whippersnapper with me the whole time at church.
(The only downfall to being this free: I'll have NO excuse for not paying attention in Relief Society. Drat!)
(ADDENDUM: Bruise and Bucket LOVED Nursery. It was odd not having to wrestle a little one for my piece of mind ... but I might just get used to it.)

4. I think that my craziest pet peeve is people who mix up similar words. I get uptight about this.
Everyone understands the differences between "to," "two," and "too."
Same with "yea," "yay," "yeah," "ya", and "yah."
And if they don't, they should.
When someone types "Yea!", I immediately want to respond with "Forsooth!!!"
Yes. I really do. Uncontrollably. I have to REALLY suppress this urge.
And "yah"? That's for directing livestock.
"Ya" -- total Anglicized bastardization of the German "ja" ("yes").
It works that last nerve I have.
And I'm kinda hypocritical, too. Since I don't always pay COMPLETE AND TOTAL ATTENTION as I type.

So sue me.

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