Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wither the Fries?!?

So, as a bit of a lactivist, I get worked up when I hear of restaurants and airlines and stores that kick out women for having the NERVE (*gasp!!*) to nurse in public and offend people who think that an adult's "comfort" is more of a priority than the security and care of an infant (or a toddler, even ... heck! My kidlets are ALL about comfort nursing. And I they're 18 months old! ... However, since I can't tandem nurse modestly, I nurse in private. Still, if I could get away with feeding only one at a time, I might still do a NIP [Nurse in Public]).

But seriously, THIS is crazy.

And I say this not just because it boggles the mind, but because I have some friends who would have loved to nurse, but couldn't.

I think that it's just plain STUPID to get up in everyone's grill about how their baby is getting their food.
Heck, if people want to use f0rmula, that's their choice.
And, just because someone's feeding a baby using a bottle, that doesn't mean that there IS f0rmula in that bottle. (When I watched T's son for a month, 90% of the time the bottle he received had her milk in it.)

Geez Louise ... There are things that we really should be all up-ons about.
The use of a bottle vs. the use of the breast should not be it.

Now, the people who say that f0rmula is healthier for babies ... that it can prevent obesity??
That's something that I take a bit of offense with. (You tellin' me that my milk isn't good enough?? Hello!! It's all-natural, grade-A milk! You can't say that about your processed milk. So there! *sticks out tongue and wiggles booty in their general direction*)

Other things to get all up-ons about:
Child abuse
Repeat offenders
Honor killings
The price of oil (Why is it THAT expensive? Are they milking frakkin' DIAMONDS to get it??)

I think that it's great for a baby to be fed. Some babies never learn to nurse productively. Some mothers can't establish a good milk supply. Some have physical conditions that make it too difficult.
If you've ever nursed, I salute you.
If you've ever wanted to, I salute you.
If you've pumped, I SALUTE you (I used to try to build up a reserve. THAT's some hard work!! T would come over and nurse while pumping the other side during her lunch break. T, I SALUTE you. K, you too. You da bomb!!)

I think that we, especially as women and mothers, need to be kind.

How else are we supposed to teach our children (or nieces and nephews ... or our FELLOW PEOPLE) that everyone deserves (and should be treated with) respect if we don't do so ourselves?

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